Ironically – but only to those who aren’t aware of the hypocrisy of liberal leftism and Marxism – it has been the Biden administration, a supposed defender of gay rights, LGBTQ rights, and fast-track transgenderism – which has surrendered Afghanistan to the Taliban, a ragtag bunch of medieval-minded murderous Islamist fundamentalists eager to destroy gay people.

So while the Biden administration and its own leftist thugs such as Antifa have been terrorizing normal Americans with their unbridged promotion of transgenderism – surprise, surprise! – they’ve had no problem giving away an entire country to the Taliban murderers knowing full well this doomed Afghans with non-traditional sexual orientation to torture and slaughter.

Gay men getting raped, beaten, and shamed – if they are ‘lucky’ and not executed

Especially telling has been the case of a gay Afghan man who was in hiding but was discovered by a gang of Taliban brutes and was beaten and raped.

The man was not killed but his rapists got his father’s telephone number in order to inform him that his son is gay.

Not just that: in order to find the gay man in question, the Taliban used trickery by pretending to offer a safe passage out of the country to the wretched man.

As he got tricked and came to an arranged meeting, they raped him and beat him up.

The story of the brutality in question was revealed to international media by an Afghan rights activist, Artemis Akbary, who lives in Turkey.

It was told to him by the abused gay man himself, as he has been in touch with him.

Akbary told ITV that the story is only an “early example” of the future of gay people under the radical Islamist rule of the Taliban after Biden needlessly pulled out all US troops, leading the Afghan government to collapse.

Akbary emphasized that the Taliban are trying to delude the world that they “are changed” and wouldn’t abuse human and women’s rights but “they’re lying” because neither the Taliban nor their ideology has changed from 20 years ago.

The activist said that his friends back in Afghanistan are understandably “scared” and are only “trying to hide” in absolute fear for their future.

Women set on fire and shipped out as sex slaves

The horrifying reality unfolding in Afghanistan is in contrast with some sweet talk by the Taliban, as on Tuesday, speaking at Kabul airport after it was vacated by the US forces, Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid claimed that the security forces of the movement are going to be “gentle and nice” to the subjects of their rule.

That can hardly be expected to be the case.

Najla Ayoubi, a former Afghan judge now living in the US, revealed over a week ago that a group of Taliban fighters first forced a woman to cook for them but then didn’t like her cooking and set her on fire.

Ayoubi also claimed that the Taliban packed women in coffins and sent them abroad to be used as sex slaves.

Other reports out of Afghanistan say that the Taliban has started to summon Afghans remaining in the country who worked for Western forces in the past 20 years.

They receive messages to show in Islamist court or face execution.

One of the men who have received such a warning is 34-year-old Naz, a father of six.

His construction firm helped the British military with the building of roads in Helmand province – however, he was rejected for relocation out of Afghanistan by the UK, and has remained in hiding in the country, seeking a way out.

The human tragedies for millions of ordinary Afghans are just staggering and truly hard to imagine.