VIDEO: Armed unibrowed Taliban militants scare TV anchor into praising them, giving them the tribune to speak out

As Sleepy Joe Biden occupying the White House has done his job and have given the murderous, pro-terrorist radical Islamists from the Taliban movement a free pass to taking over the entire country of Afghanistan, Taliban propagandists have been trying to launch a full-scale charm offensive.

They have been claiming that under their reinvented medieval rule, life in Afghanistan will be really nice for everybody – just as their own fighters went around apportioning young women and even underage girls among themselves as sex-slave wives, while whipping anybody they’d like, shooting dead folk singers, and rounding up Afghans associated with the former government.

All of those niceties of radical Islamist rule, courtesy of the radical leftist Biden administration, are clearly indicative of what Afghans have to live for under the Taliban – except for those about 100,000 who’ve managed to escape through Biden’s botched airlift and by other routes.

One of the especially shocking show-offs of how wonderful the Taliban are to live under is a television program in which the host is forced to praise and then give the microphone to a band of armed Taliban, who leader starts addressing the Afghan nation about its bring future under the Taliban brand of Islamism.

Now the BBC is suddenly indignant

A total of eight ragtag Taliban militants armed with assault rifles and mostly sporting impressive unibrows can be seen surrounding the terrified TV presenter.

The clip in question was shared by the television channel after Taliban militants stormed its building and forced the news anchor to laud them.

Interestingly enough, the video was tweeted by Yalda Hakim, the Afghan-born Australian news anchor of BBC News, seemingly indignant that this was “political debate” now on Afghan TV – this considering that the BBC has been done its very fair share of praising Biden for his catastrophic withdrawal of Afghanistan, not to mention Yalda Hakim herself who has helped the Taliban’s recent charm offensive by giving them the BBC tribune.

With the armed Taliban thugs behind his back, the frightened presenter explains that after the collapse of the Afghan government of former president Ashraf Ghani, there is a new Islamic emirate.

He says that the people should not be afraid although the factor causing fear is right in front of him.

After that, the video shows a brief statement by the leader of the Taliban gang in the studio who also sends a message of “peace and love.”

Unibrow surrealism: scaring journalist telling the public not to be scared

Masih Alinejad, an Iranian journalist, probably best captured the absurdity of the situation with his comment on Twitter.

He emphasized how “surreal” it is that the Taliban thugs are petrifying the TV host in order to force him to tell his viewers not to be afraid of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.

Alinejad then declared that “Taliban” is a synonym to fear in the minds of millions of people.

Apparently, it’s only Sleepy Joe and the Biden administration who aren’t aware of that.

So much so that they awarded the Taliban with the rule of an entire country, and a marvelous old-new base for Islamist terrorists such as al-Qaeda and ISIS.

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