The Biden administration and its liberal leftist bunch are great proponents of women’s rights – just as long as they can use those in a vile manner, to sow disunity in American society and to destroy American families.

However, when it comes to actually having the stand up for women’s rights when and where it makes a difference – such as Afghanistan in 2021 – the Biden administration doesn’t really care.

Women’s rights should be equally defended everywhere, no?

That is part of the reason because of which Sleepy Joe Biden caused such an ugly disaster for America in Afghanistan: he pulled out unconditionally and right away, caused the supposedly surprising collapse of the Afghan government, and the glorious, almost bloodless victory of the murderous Taliban terrorists, generously garnished with $85 billion worth of top-notch US-made military equipment that they seized.

All of that left women in the position in which they were before the US first ousted the Taliban in 2001 after the 9/11 terrorist attacks: as little more than sex slaves and breeding mares for the radical Islamist regime.

Against that backdrop, the Taliban has kept insisting that women will be perfectly fine under their dark, medieval rule

In a Fox News interview on Friday, Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen did it again: he insisted that there won’t be any issues “about women’s rights.”

And how can the Taliban have issues with women’s rights when under their rule women hardly have any rights?!

Not that Sleepy Joe and the crazy Marxist bunch care about that.

For them – feminism, wokeism, transgenderism are all pathways to totalitarian Marxist power.

Hijab education

Shaheen declared the Taliban view opposed to the “Western view” that women “should have an education without” wearing a hijab, the abhorrent all-out face cover designed to supposedly “save” Muslim men from sexual temptation.

The Taliban spokesman in essence warned the US and the West to stay away from his regime’s handling of women.

He insisted that in “our culture” women can have their “education with hijab” and “can work with hijab.”

Shaheen vowed that the Taliban government of Afghanistan and the United States would be able to work together “in a positive and constructive way” – no wonder they have cozied up to Joe Biden after he so generously rewarded them.

Just don’t try to change our culture of subjugating women

But the Taliban operative insisted that “we shouldn’t be changing each other’s culture” – “we aren’t intending to change your culture” so “you shouldn’t be changing ours.”

Of course, that is hardly a believable statement coming from Islamists who as a rule tend to desire to convert the world to Islam, bringing all of respective medieval “niceties” with that – including lots and lots of “changing of culture.”

After that, the Taliban spokesman almost sounded enlightened as he said his regime and maybe the US under Biden – “have closed one chapter” – because for them the US presence in Afghanistan “was occupation” and now “we ended that.

Then he called for focusing on the future.

The problem is that at the present moment the future seems equally bleak for women trapped under the brutal rule of the Taliban in Afghanistan, and for the United States trapped under the nasty and haphazard rule of Biden and the radicalizing leftists.