Much to the displeasure of the entire liberalist and leftist cohort in the United States and the rest of the West, which has been advocating for all-out “partnership” with China – and for omnipotent gay rights and transgenderism at home, China’s ruling Communist Party has just moved to ban “sissy men” or effeminate men from appearing on TV.

China’s Marxists vs. America’s Marxists

While the People’s Republic of China is ruled by a communist-Marxist-Maoist regime even though it’s become heavily capitalist, Chinese Marxism is still the kind focused on “class struggle” and the touting the virtues of the working class.

The increasingly radicalizing and ever more aggressive and blatant American Marxism, the kind that informs all policies of the Biden administration, on the other hand, is a novel neo-Marxism type – and it’s on seeking to destroy the nation, freedom, democracy and capitalism by using race (wokeism) and the made-up gender identities (transgenderism).

As proletariat-based class struggle never really took root in America, the perfidious Marxists, influenced by the infamous Frankfurt School decided to substitute the working class for racial minorities and “sexual and gender” minorities that they invented.

The parallels with the Commies are striking considering in places such as the former Soviet Union and China they had no working classes because they had almost no industrial production – leading their regimes to invent and engineer their own “proletariat.”

In any case, America’s current brand of Marxists is now likely to cry bloody murder over the fact that their Commie comrades in China are banning “sissy men.”

Or maybe not – Marxists are notorious for their hypocrisy – so if Chinese leader thinks preventing “effeminate” men from being seen by the public on TV, so be it.

And this doesn’t mean, of course, that the American far-left fascists will stop terrorizing Americans with transgenderism to corrupt innocent kids and destroy their lives alongside the true values of American society.

TV ban on ‘sissy men’ to preserve morality

On Thursday, China’s government media regulator told broadcasters to promote “revolutionary culture”, as cited by NPR, one of the mainstream media propaganda pillars of American Marxism.

Chinese TV stations were told to “resolutely put an end to sissy men and other abnormal esthetics” being shown on television, the regulator said.

The report notes that it even used an “insulting slang term” for those described as effeminate men – niang pao – which is literally translated as “girlie guns.”

According to NPR, the move reflects the grave concerns of the Xi regime and the ruling Chinese Communist Party that Chinese pop stars are being increasingly influenced by the “girlish” looks of certain male singers and actors from Japan and South Korea; respectively, that wouldn’t stimulate young men in China to be sufficiently masculine.

Cracking down on ‘vulgar internet celebrities’, too

The Chinese government’s media regulator further told TV broadcasters to avoid the promotion of “vulgar internet celebrities” as well as to spread admiration for wealth and celebrity status.

Conversely, Chinese TV channels are told to show programs that “vigorously promote excellent Chinese traditional culture” combined with “revolutionary culture and advanced socialist culture.”

The crackdown on the showing of “sissy men” on TV comes amid a wider crackdown by the Xi regime on celebrities – as well as Internet-based companies, China’s big tech sector, and technological startups.

The regulator made it clear to broadcasters that celebrities such as singers and actors who “have lost morality” or “violate public order” must be banned – and so much be programs showing celebrities’ children (apparently, based on the assumption that the latter tend to be rather spoiled).

At the end of last week, Weibo, the Chinese microblogging platform similar to Twitter, terminated the accounts of thousands of celebrity fan clubs and entertainments news outlets.

Recently, a popular actress Zhao Wei, was completely “canceled” by the regime – in the PRC’s form of “cancel culture” – as she vanished from streaming platforms without explanation and her name got erased from TV and movie credits.

Last week another actress, Zheng Shuang, got fined a whopping $46 million (299 million yuan) for tax evasion.

‘Sissy men’ don’t provide for good demography

The new ban on sissy men on Chinese TV comes as the Xi regime lifted restrictions further to allow Chinese families to have legally up to three children.

The reasoning must be that the promotion of gayness and transgenderism can hardly be good for the country’s demographics.

That is true everywhere, of course, including in the United States – except here there is no way to even criticize it due to the Draconian censorship and the immediate online and in-person mob violence by misguided liberalist “useful idiots” and fascist thugs from Antifa.

Any criticism of “sexual and gender” and racial “minorities” in the US would be like criticism of the “working class” in China – those are the foundations of Marxism in each of the countries, respectively.

As the TV ban on “sissy men” shows, Uncle Xi doesn’t play around in Communist China.

This is precisely the kind of regime that American Marxists are after – except in their version of Marxism everybody will be forced to be wokeist and transgenderist, and never speak their mind!