Joe Biden has inflicted tremendous damage to the United States with his betrayal as he surrendered Afghanistan to the radical Islamist Taliban after our nation spent 20 years fighting them to crack down on global jihadism, i.e. Islamist terrorism.

Much of the damage Biden and his incompetent and pathetic leftist clique have caused with the Afghanistan catastrophe is self-evident.

However, the evacuation and resettlement of tens of thousands of Afghans who worked for the United States and had to be saved from the revenge of the Taliban might be the most overlooked of the potentially highly problematic consequences for America.

While some 50,000 Afghans, according to the announcements of the Biden administration, are supposedly pro-American and westernized at least to a certain degree, it cannot be ruled out that actual Islamist terrorists aren’t infiltrating America through their crowd.

Just as it cannot be ruled out that even any of the pro-American, presently grateful Afghan refugees might later become radicalized and carry out terrorist attacks.

The risk of that happening could be even greater for the second and third generations of naturalized Muslim Afghans further down the road – as wretched Western Europe’s experience with its vast and radicalized Muslim populations has demonstrated rather painfully.

‘Islamist motivation’

A fresh incident has provided a case in hand, as a 29-year-old Afghan man in Germany’s capital Berlin, seemingly a radical Islamist has just attacked with a knife a 58-year-old woman doing gardening work.

Apparently, the medieval Islamist lunatic was ticked off by the fact that the elderly woman was working as a gardener.

In the Afghan immigrant’s twisted jihadist mind that was no work for a woman.

After he first talked to the woman, the young Afghan male stabbed her, and also managed to stab a 66-year-old German man, a passer-by who intervened to try to save the victim.

The German police are cited by The Associated Press as saying that both victims got serious stabbing injuries – simply because a rabid Islamist radical from a Third World country has been allowed to stay in a civilized Western country whose destruction he seemingly desires.

The police in Berlin are quoted as saying they suspect “possible Islamist motivation” in the brutal attack by the jihadist who has been living in Germany since 2016, apparently one of the more than 1 million Muslims from the Middle East stupidly allowed to settle in the largest European economy by its delusional chancellor Angela Merkel.

Western Europe’s Islamism woes

The rationale for the mass resettlement of healthy, young radical Muslim men from the Middle East in Western Europe in 2015 was that they were refugees from the Syrian Civil War.

As the example with the knife-wielding Afghan demonstrates, very few of them were actual refugees from the war in question, and their resettlement has created a constant terrorist threat for the security of the Western and Christian nations in Europe.

Unlike Western Europe, the United States has been lucky in that it does not have large and encapsulated radicalizing Muslim communities but with the addition of tens of thousands of Afghan migrants, things could start evolving in the said direction.

The threat remains – as the 20th anniversary of 9/11 should truly remind us – because radical Islamism would never accept free and democratic, powerful Christian and secular Western nations to thrive, and even exist.