The apocalyptic disaster that Democrat President Sleepy Joe Biden has caused in Afghanistan hasn’t affected horrendously just the United States and the Central Asian country itself – it has also inflicted tremendous damage upon America’s Western allies from NATO.

In fact, the damage from the deranged pullout is so great that it has far surpassed any largely imaginary “tensions” between the two sides of the Atlantic that supposedly existed under President Donald Trump – according to the liberal leftist propaganda media – when he made it clear to the Europeans that their free-riding and buck-passing must stop and they must pay more for their own defense.

In highly preposterous comments when he visited Brussels, Joe Biden idiotically declared that “America is back” – and now he might have just caused the greatest rift in trans-Atlantic relations in the post-Cold War era.

Biden not only made the unbelievably dumb decision for an all-out, immediate US pullout of Afghanistan all on his own, but, according to BBC News, he refused to take calls from British Prime Minister Boris Johnson for a full 36 hours – and the UK is America’s closest possible major ally.

This led to feel utterly humiliated and members of the British Parliament to hold Biden in contempt.

So much so that UK newspaper Metro’s frontpage headline about Biden was, “Asleep at the Wheel.”

Betrayed us, destroyed 20 years of effort in 24 hours, and befriended terrorists

The utter shock in Britain caused by Biden’s incredible catastrophe in Afghanistan is confirmed by Trevor Coult, a highly decorated British military officer, a Special Operations Staff Sgt., now retired, who served side by side with US troops in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

Coult told The Washington Examiner in an interview that he is “absolutely shocked” at how Joe Biden pulled out of Afghanistan and rendered the 20-year war effort of the allies “a total waste.”

The British military officer emphasized that 3,000 people were killed on 9/11, and more than 3,500 troops died from the US-led coalition in Afghanistan (including some 2,400 US and some 450 UK troops) – and “we didn’t achieve” anything.

Biden “destroyed 20 years” worth of “work in less than 24 hours,” said Coult, who has been decorated by both Queen Elizabeth II and President George W. Bush.

Coult declared further that Joe Biden is “the most incompetent” US president in history, who “has befriended terrorists.”

He added that as long as Biden remains president, the White House will be a danger, and not a friend to the West.

Nobody can understand Biden’s logic. Probably because there isn’t any

Coult revealed he has discussed Biden with many UK generals and officers from the British Special Operations, and that none of them has been able to under the logic behind the actions of Sleepy Joe.

The British military officer stressed that Biden “betrayed us” and “without a shadow of a doubt” he is a greater “threat to the West” than the radical Islamist “Taliban ever was.”

Retired British military officer Trevor Coult spent 21 years serving in Bosnia, Afghanistan, and Iraq.

In Afghanistan alone, he was involved in a total of 178 engagements with the enemy and survived three bomb explosions.

President George W. Bush awarded him a presidential citation at a White House dinner, while Queen Elizabeth II awarded him the military cross, which is one of the UK’s highest military honors after he saved allies’ lives in an ambush.

Besides killing any fear American enemies such as China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea had for the United States, Joe Biden seems also on the way to annihilate our alliances with NATO and non-NATO US allies alike.