The communist dictatorship of North Korea run by its creepy, plump youthful fuehrer Kim Jong-un has staged a new ballistic missile provocation, seemingly threatening some of America’s most crucial allies at a time when the abysmal Joe Biden reduced US security credibility to garbage with his devastating and humiliating pullout – or surrender – in Afghanistan.

Successful missile test for Kim III

North Korea’s Central News Agency (KCNA), the official propaganda mouthpiece of the Kim Jong-un regime, announced today that the communist country’s military has just tested a new kind of a “long-range cruise missile.”

The test-firing occurred on both Saturday and Sunday, according to the report of the KCNA, as cited by AFP.

The North Korean communist regime has long been threatening to attack the United States with nuclear weapons – after it managed to develop and/or acquire them from abroad as a rogue state and after it also developed and/or acquired ballistic missile technology.

This possibly includes intercontinental ballistic missiles – at least according to the claims of the regime – capable of delivering nuclear payloads all the way to Hawaii, Alaska and even the US West Coast.

A potential targeting of America aside, two of the most important US allies – South Korea and Japan – are clearly directly threatened by the deranged Commie dictatorship in Pyongyang.

According to the report, the tests of the new missile were “successful” and were attended by “high-level officials” – it doesn’t specify whether the repulsive North Korean dictator watched them in person.

The new missile in question is long-range, and reportedly hit its targets at a distance of 930 miles (1,500 kilometers).

Besides parts of the US as well as our allies South Korea and Japan, the numerous US forces stationed in those countries are also at risk from any potential North Korean attack.

No top weapon tests since Trump reigned in Kim

The official North Korean announcement called the new rocket a “strategic weapon of great significance” which gives the regime “another effective deterrence means.”

The test-firing of the new missile came shortly after a downsized military parade in Pyongyang for the 73rd year since the establishment of the communist regime.

The new testing of a long-range missile by North Korea has been the first since March 2021.

The regime of Kim Jong-un hasn’t tested new nuclear weapons or intercontinental ballistic missiles since 2017 when President Donald Trump reigned it in with high-level talks with Kim and powerful and credible warnings of a devastating potential US response to any attack.

Unfortunately, coward and weakling Joe Biden already just surrendered America, the greatest power in the world, to the Taliban Islamists who are nowhere near the military capabilities of the North Korean regime.

So the American public as well as our allies in Asia can only look forward to being at least terrorized by Kim Jong-un under the Biden administration.