Democrat President Joe Biden on Tuesday gave his first-ever speech to the General Assembly of the United Nations in New York City, where leaders from at least 100 nations have come together – and it was a totally toothless address in which he didn’t even mention China and Russia.

Instead, Sleepy Joe, whose foreign policy since he occupied the White House in January has been just as catastrophic as his domestic policy, simply told the representatives of the other nations around the globe that the world is “at an inflection point in history.”

Pulling down America’s pants and bending it over

He added the US is going to “lead” the world “on all of the greatest challenges” at present, and in alliances and partnerships with the other nations.

One can’t help but wonder how that is ever going to happen considering Sleepy Joe can’t even lead his own administration – unless, of course, he means partnerships like the one he humiliating struck with the Taliban to the utter detriment of the United States of America.

Pathetic Biden completely left out top global aggressors China and Russia from his UN speech citing instead other “shared global challenges” such as the coronavirus pandemic, the proliferation of nuclear weapons, climate change, and new technologies.

Biden’s weak-a** standing in his lackluster speech was “strengthened” by his statement that America isn’t seeking “the new Cold War” or “rigid blocks” in the world, and that the US would work with any country – even those with whom we clearly “have intense disagreements.”

So, yes, it smacks of exactly the same approach that Biden took with the radical Islamist terrorists in Afghanistan: he was to pull down America’s pants and have it bent over to the likes of the Chinese, the Russians, the Iranians, the North Koreas, the radical Islamists – as it already is for the Marxists, the wokeists and the transgenderists.

The only time Biden even mentioned Iran, a top aggressor in the entire wider Middle East, was when he said, among other things, that the US is “committed to preventing Iran’s” obtaining of nukes.

Who’s Russia? Who’s China?

Besides omitting totally Russia which has invaded Ukraine, seized its territory, killed its people, threatened all of America’s allies in Europe, and keeps attacking the United States with cyberattacks every other week – and China which is a currency manipulator threatening the entire peaceful order all over the Indo-Pacific, cracking down on freedom in Hong Kong, committing ethnic cleansing in Xinjiang, and threatening Taiwan and all US allies in the region – Biden also failed to mention North Korea and America’s previously long-standing goal of denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula.

He did only mention “human rights issues” in Xinjiang.

Instead, to make America look ever more humiliated, dumber and weaker, Biden advertised widely to the UN his utterly disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan and abandoning it to the Taliban murderers.

To leave no questions at all that he single-handedly reduced the United States from the greatest power in the world to a shriveling weakling diseased with deadly, self-destructing Marxism, he declared that America had ended a period of “relentless war” and had opened “a new period of relentless diplomacy.”

Are you shocked?

Is this the dumbest foreign policy statement you’ve ever heard – and from an acting president at that?

Don’t be.

With Biden in the White House, the much, much worst is yet to come for us on all fronts.