It isn’t enough that the West is being pummeled by wokeist and transgenderist Marxists but there are also avid “environmentalists” that are terrorizing the public with their own agenda about climate change, a notion surrounded by way too many questions marks.

Nobody has ever been more vocal in that role than Swedish teen activist turned celebrity, Greta Thunberg, who has grown up in a privileged family, and yet, or maybe precisely because of that, dares to give lessons to the entire world about global warming and environmental protection.

She’s at least right about ‘Build Back Better’

The self-proclaimed teen judge on environmentalism and climate change spoke in Milan on Tuesday, at an event called “Youth4Climate” summit, in which she gave what could fairly be named a “blah, blah, blah” speech.

Thunberg once again lashed out against “world leaders”, accusing them primarily of “empty words” on climate change, and failure to do anything meaningful in that regard.

“Thirty years of blah, blah, blah,” the Swedish teen declared at the Youth4Climate opening session, as cited by Reuters.

Among the empty slogans that she lambasted is US Democrat President Sleepy Joe Biden’s lavish communist spending plan called “Build Back Better” – so it’s hard to argue with Greta on that one – although the major problem with it is the Democrats’ desire to squander $3.5 trillion of US taxpayer money on pork-barrel spending.

Besides “Build Back Better”, other “blah, blah, blah” slogans by world leaders that Thunberg lashed out against included “green economy,” “net-zero by 2050,” “climate neutral”, and so on.

Without mentioning anybody in particular, she seemed to chastise the likes of Joe Biden and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Thunberg then went on a tirade about how people are suffering and entire ecosystems are dying against the backdrop of the politicians’ empty promises.

It isn’t as though that isn’t true – although the problem lies precisely with the kind of political leaders that declare themselves sympathetic to the likes of Thunberg and the climate change movement.

As a rule, those are leftists and Marxists who are full of s***, i.e. who are hypocritical about everything they promise or do.

Greta as part of the problem

Thunberg’s new “blah, blah, blah” speech isn’t her first address of the type in which she scolds the world.

Back in 2019, at the UN climate summit, she gave the so-called “How dare you?” speech, to the same effect – although that earlier one sounded even more aggressive.

In her new speech in Milan, Greta particularly lambasted politicians for cherry-picking “young people to meetings like this” in order to pretend to care about the environment and climate change.

She sure got that right.

Those have turned into great PR moves and publicity stunts for many on the left.

The problem is that Thunberg and the likes of her are a major part of the problem in that regard.

It is they who are largely creating those PR opportunities and photo ops for political hypocrites – and the latter typically jump at the chance of using them.

Why wouldn’t they – they seemingly don’t suffer from excess morals?

In the meantime, the world is made by the mainstream media to listen to Great bitch about everything there ever was, is, and will be.