There are very few things that wokeism as a brand of Marxism would love more than to see America fall from the ranks of Western nations.

Destroying America’s identity as a true Western nation and the oldest democracy in the world is one of wokeism’s invariable long-term goals – and the vile Marxists have been making steady progress towards achieving it by causing countless rifts with the American society and constantly working to denigrate and sabotage the United States.

The overarching goal of wokeism – which is just a sub-form of Marxist in which class struggle is supplanted by “racial” struggle (and “gender” struggle in the transgederism Marxist subtype) – is to establish a far-left totalitarian dictatorship that will be omnipotent and omnipresent thanks to the tools handed to the new comrades by Big Tech.

American empire collapsing due to wokeism

Naturally, though, Marxism and wokeism would love to destroy and take over all Western countries, including Western Europe, the cradle of Western civilization.

This is why wokeism has been rearing its hellishly ugly head in other Western nations as well – but it has mostly been exported there from the United States.

So much so that in France they are now openly rebelling against this American ideological “commodity”, with prominent French public figures, including the country’s President Emmanuel Macron, openly rejecting the wokeist ideology.

They are stating what’s obvious: that Marxism and wokeism are racializing their country for no rational reason whatsoever.

Of course, the “rational” reason is all about the leaders of the wokeist Marxist revolution – they want blood, death, “revolution”, the humiliation of the greatest civilization in the world, and to install themselves in power so they can be filthy rich.

In the United States, wokeism is restoring racial segregation and rolling back the gigantic progress in race relations this country has achieved since the Civil War and the Civil Rights Movement.

It’s trying to do the same in France and other Western nations.

So much so that one of France’s top magazines, Le Spectacle Du Monde, recently published an article entitled “The Suicide fo America”, as cited by Zenger News and Fox News.

It attributed the devastating withdrawal from Afghanistan under the Biden administration to a “woke dictatorship”, and wondered if the American “empire was collapsing” thanks to wokeism.

The article also exposed savage censorship and far-left extremism on US college campuses, with just one example being Yale University whose officials told students to rethink even Halloween costumes that could be “racially insensitive.”

Wokeism is very dangerously

Several weeks ago, French President Emmanuel Macron told the Elle Magazine that French society is being “racialized” by wokeist culture.

Anti-wokeism has also been demonstrated by several members of the French government such as the French delegate minister on gender equality and diversity Elisabeth Moreno.

Back in May, she told Bloomberg that “‘woke’ culture is something very dangerous,” and it shouldn’t be brought to France.

Speaking during this year’s “Tocqueville Conversations,” Jean-Guillaume de Tocqueville, who is descended from Alexis de Tocqueville, the 19th-century liberal philosopher Alexis de Tocqueville, lamented the vanishing of the freedom of speech in the US thanks to woekism.

He insisted “we should talk even if we strongly disagree” – apparently not in the US where the wokeist Marxists have imposed Soviet Union-style censorship.

Resistance to the vicious idiocy of wokeism is growing in Europe, especially further east, in the new post-communist democracies in Central and Eastern Europe which still have fresh memories of the hellish rule of Marxism-Communism.

Even if the wokeist murderers can’t take over the entire West, they will at least do their best to rip it apart!