Communist China just isn’t playing around anymore – after it sent a combined total of 100 warplanes to the air defense zone of US-allied Taiwan over the preceding three days, on Monday it set an absolutely all-time record with a total of 52 military aircraft swarming the skies of the island republic that it claims as part of its territory.

Besides that, impudent Beijing also used one of its propaganda mouthpieces to warn Australia that it would “become cannon fodder” if it aides Taiwan.

Despite the US warning

And on top of everything else, this latest gigantic provocation against Taiwan by the regime of Chinese President Xi Jinping and the Chinese Communist Party is also a provocation against the United States because on Sunday the State Department explicitly warned Beijing against escalating further the situation in the Taiwan Strait!

Clearly, nobody is taking the warnings of the Biden administration seriously – communist China certainly isn’t! – and why should it or anybody else do so considering the horrendous humiliation that Sleepy Joe Biden caused with the catastrophic withdrawal of America from Afghanistan.

That’s not even mentioning, Biden’s total lack of credibility, cowardice, and apparently senility, all of which are making us the laughing stock of the entire world – with China and Russia clearly having the biggest laughs.

Thus, on Monday, China flew a whopping 52 military planes into the airspace of Taiwan spiking dramatically the tensions in the South China Sea.

According to the Taiwanese government, the PRC assaulted its airspace with a total of 34 J-16 fighter jets, 12 H-6 bombers – nuclear-capable, two Su-30 fighter jets, and additional auxiliary aircraft.

Taiwan, Australia – cannon fodder

Against this shocking backdrop spelling huge trouble for the US-backed order of freedom of the seas and survival of America’s democratic allies in China’s periphery – such as Taiwan, there has come a chilling threat.

The Global Times, an English-language propaganda mouthpiece of the Chinese communist regime, asked if Australia “is willing to accompany Taiwan… to become cannon fodder” – a reference to a call by the Taiwanese foreign minister for support from Australia as well as other like-minded nations vis-à-vis China by providing security information and military intelligence.

Hu Xijin, a Global Times editor, tweeted apart from that the fall of “Taiwan’s separatist authorities” is “only a matter of time.”

He said the show of force over the weekend was in order to mark October 1, China’s National Day.

An article in The Global Times declared further that the warplanes sent against Taiwan were prepared for real combat and pose a demonstration that China has sovereignty over the island.”

The US is counteracting Chinese provocations with a cacophony of voices coming from the Biden administration after in a recent interview Biden suggested that America would be willing to fight China if the latter invades Taiwan – but later Biden’s aides claimed that he has misspoken.

China seems poised to take advantage of America’s weakness under Biden – because why wouldn’t it?