VIDEO: Russia fires from nuclear sub 6,670 mph hypersonic missile deemed “unstoppable” by US air defenses

As coward and senile Democrat President Sleepy Joe Biden has thrown all of America’s credibility with friends and foes alike with his disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, it is no wonder whatsoever that the top great power rivals of the United States, China and Russia, are growing ever more assertive, with chilling demonstrations of their military muscle.

Just as China on Monday sent its biggest swarm of warplanes against US-allied Taiwan in its largest provocation, and did a day after the US State Department warned against that, at the same time, Russia announced a successful test of its new lethal hypersonic missile Zircon for the first time launched from a nuclear submarine.

Missile for erasing US coastal cities

According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, the weapon, which moves at a speed of 6,670 mph, struck its target in the Barents Sea, while it was launched from a nuclear sub at Severodvinsk on the surface of the White Sea.

The ministry alleges that the Zircon missile is able to reach Mach-9 speeds and avert all Western missile defenses without exception.

The Defense Ministry in Moscow published video footage showing the launch, boasting it was “recognized as successful.”

The Zircon missile is among the weapons from a new generation of Russian military technology not only praised but also routinely touted by Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

The US also test-fired its own hypersonic missile in recent weeks, and so claimed to have done the communist dictatorship of North Korea.

The new Russian missile test comes after last week Moscow announced the Zircon had completed successfully its flight tests from a frigate launch, more specifically, from the Admiral Gorshkov frigate of the Russian Navy.

Russian state television has already advertised the Zircon missile as the weapon of choice of Russian leader Putin that would erase American coastal cities from the map in case of a nuclear war.

Russia’s lead in hypersonic weapons

Putin has previously declared the Zircon missile to be “truly unparalleled anywhere in the world”, while the Russian military has touted it as “unstoppable.”

The Russian leader first announced the development of Zircon and a number of other hypersonic weapons in a warmongering public presentation back in 2018.

He argued they would be able to strike any location around the globe and would escape US missile shield technology.

The Zircon missile will be employed by the Russian military next year, first with the Admiral Golovko stealth frigate.

It has a range of between 188 – 620 miles, or up to 1,200 miles, according to some reports, and is deemed very useful for destroying enemy warships.

Yury Borisov, Russian deputy premier, declared that Moscow has outpaced Western countries in terms of hypersonic weapons and is going to maintain its lead.

Another hypersonic missile that the Russian military is deploying in 2022 will be the 188-ton Sarmat, or “Satan-2”, as it is known in the West; it will be the biggest in Russian’s nuclear missile arsenal.

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