In their ethnic cleansing campaign against the ethnic Uighurs inhabiting Xinjiang, a region in Northwest China, the regime of the Chinese Communist Party is employing not just mass concentration camps but also brutal guards forcing inmates to gang-rape each other.

This has been revealed by three whistleblowers – two Uighurs in exile, one of whom was gang-raped in detention, and an unnamed fugitive former Chinese police officer in a report by CNN – and the report is probably truthful if the otherwise pro-Marxist, leftist machine that is CNN has decided to run it.

Apparently, even CNN considered it too shocking to ignore, even if running it might affect the image of the fellow Marxist Chinese ruling regime.

All three interviewees reveal horrifying torture methods used by Chinese police officers in the crackdowns designed to ethnically cleanse the Uighur minority.

Besides sickening sexual violence, those include hanging people from the ceiling, chaining them to metal chairs, plus electrocution and waterboarding – in both police custody and the concentration camps – called “re-education camps” by the Chinese communist regime.

China’s anti-Uighur measures have been described as genocide by the West, and the US, UK, and EU have all imposed sanctions on Beijing over them.

Middle-aged scholar gang-raped for founding a nursery

Probably the most terrifying of the three accounts cited in the report is that of 48-year-old Yighur scholar Abduweli Ayup, who was arrested in August 2013 by armed Chinese police after starting a nursery teaching Uighur children their native language.

Ayup says the first night he was brought to a detention camp in Kashgar, a dozen Chinese inmates gang-raped him after prison guards ordered them to do so.

The middle-aged scholar tells the chilling account of how the guards ordered him to take off his underwear and then to bend over so that he can be gang-raped.

He recalls how he was crying and begging them not to do this.

During the gang rape, Ayup passed out and when he woke up, he was in a pool of vomit and urine.

Prison guards then tortured him psychologically as the next day they asked him if he had a good time during the gang rape.

The Uyghur scholar was thus forced to confess to the crime of “illegal fundraising” even before he was sent to the concentration camp.

Ayup was let go in 2014, and immigrated to Norway.

Battling with the memories of the torture that he experienced, he still writes children’s books in the native language of the Uighurs.

Electrocution via the genitalia

Another of the three whistleblowers in the report is a former Chinese police officer who took part in the repressions against the Uighurs, and who is mentioned only as Jiang.

He details various torture methods used against them, including attaching electric batons and tips to their genitalia.

Once the wretched soul who’s being tortured by the Chinese police officers confesses to his or her made-up crimes – of being Uighur – he or she would be sent to the concentration camp.

According to the US State Department, up to 2 million ethnic Uighurs and other minority groups in Xinjiang have gone through concentration camps of the Chinese communist regime since 2017.