Communist China – formally known as the People’s Republic of China – led by its Mao Zedong wannabe double, Xi Jinping, has been aggressively gearing up to crush, conquer and annex the island of Taiwan.

Taiwan is the successor of the old Chinese government which fled to the island in 1949 as Mao Zedong’s murderous communists won the Chinese civil war.

Ever since then, a democratic Taiwan with a highly successful market economy has been under constant threat of invasion and destruction by the Chinese communist regime in Beijing, and it has been only the support of the United States for the self-ruling island that has been preventing that.

Training Taiwan to withstand Chinese invasion

Tensions over Taiwan in the past few days have run exceedingly high as communist China has staged a number of aggressive provocations by sending swarms of fighter and bomber jets in the island’s air defense zone.

A report published by The Wall Journal Street on Thursday revealed, however, that the US support for Taiwan has actually been far more tangible than known: a contingent of US forces from the Special Operations and Marines has been secretly stationed on the island for at least one year, and has been training the Taiwanese forces to counteract a potential Chinese military aggression.

If the US training of Taiwan’s military has been going on for more than a year, that means it must have started under President Donald Trump who has really been standing up to China’s attempts to bully everybody into submission – from its small neighbors such as Taiwan to America itself.

It is also fortunate that the Biden administration, ridden with cowardice and treachery, as the Afghanistan fiasco has shown, hasn’t terminated the secret training mission in Taiwan.

According to the report, some two dozen service personnel from the US Special Operation units plus supporting troops have been carrying out training for Taiwan’s ground forces.

At the same time, a detachment from the US Marines has been providing training to Taiwan’s small boat units.

CIA forms new China unit

John Supple, a spokesman of the Pentagon has declined to comment on the report but pointed out that “the PRC has stepped up efforts to intimidate and pressure Taiwan” as well as other US allies.

He added that the US defense relationship with Taiwan is geared towards reflecting the threat posed by communist China.

Comments made on Wednesday by James Moriarty, the head of the American Institute in Taiwan, and the highest-ranking US diplomat on the island, made clear America’s understanding that China poses “a real and immediate danger” to Taiwan.

Moriarty called for further development of Taiwan’s military in order to counter potential aggression by Beijing.

Also on Thursday, the Central Intelligence Agency announced it is carrying out a reorganization in which it is founding a new “China Mission Center” to guarantee a greater intelligence focus on the PRC.