The rhetoric of the rulers of the People’s Republic of China, the infamous Chinese Communist Party, vis-à-vis the West and the United States in particular as well as its Indo-Pacific allies – from Japan, Taiwan and Korea to India, Australia and the Philippines – is becoming more and more aggressive.

Of course, the United States’ role as a defender of the freedom of the seas and the independence and liberty of all democratic and peace-loving nations in the South China Sea, East China Sea and the entire Indo-Pacific region is what infuriates Beijing the most, whose leadership is seeking to use its newfound economic power in order to cow a huge part of the globe into submission.

The free, democratic and market-oriented Republic of Taiwan, the successor of the original Chinese government which fled from the communist masses of murderous Chinese dictator Mao Zedong in 1949, is perhaps the biggest thorn in the heel of the Beijing Commies.

First, because it isn’t under its control, and, second, which is more important, because it demonstrates that Chinese people are fully capable of having a flourishing free and democratic Western-type society, and, third, because they are ready to die fighting “China proper” for all of this.

Potentially real Commie invaders call US troops “invaders”

After on Thursday The Wall Street Journal reported that US troops have been secretly training the Taiwanese forces for more than a year on how best to withstand a possible Chinese invasion, the Communist government in Beijing reacted by unleashing its English-language propaganda mouthpiece, The Global Times, to fume at will at America.

The Global Times’ vile rhetoric is often used by the PRC leadership in order to test out its policy options and decision-making.

According to The WSJ, about two dozen US special operations officers have been training Taiwan’s ground forces, while troops from the US marines have been training Taiwanese boat units.

In a clearly furious op-ed over the report, The Global Times called for “targeted” airstrikes by China’s People’s Liberation Army in order to kill the US forces training Taiwan’s troops – which was mentioned as “US invaders”.

Global Times editor Hu Xijin who penned the piece was wondering why only “two dozen” US special ops personnel is in Taiwan, and why the training of the Taiwanese forces is secret.

He fumed that instead the United States “should send 240 servicemen publicly” and then make it know where exactly they are station so that the PLA can then strike and “eliminate” them for being “invaders” of Taiwan.

Commies wish to drown Taiwan in blood

Never mind that the good people of Taiwan see as the real potential invaders precisely the vile mainland Commie masses commanded by Beijing, whose leadership is eager to drown a free and democratic Taiwan in blood the way it has done in Tibet, Xinjiang, and Hong Kong.

What nasty, sickening impudence of claiming as your own a country and land whose nationals fear you, and to call “invaders” those invited by that same country to help it defend itself from you!

The new threat that China will destroy any American in Taiwan is the second one coming through Chinese propaganda media – after in August, US Senator from Texas, John Cornyn, erroneously said in a tweet that the US had some 30,000 troops based in Taiwan.

Back then the Chinese state news media declared that if that were true, the PLA would “crush them by force.”

China’s bullying probably won’t get it very far anyway but the grave danger that its communist dictatorship poses to freedom, democracy, and its immediate neighbors is very real, which is why the United States is supposed to engage with its allies and do a lot more than the administration of senile Sleepy Joe Biden.