The United States of America has already fallen desperately behind communist China in the most critically important technologies of the future – artificial intelligence, machine learning, and AI and cyber warfare – according to the first Chief Software Officer of the Department of Defense who quit the job last month frustrated with slow progress.

Just as well: who would be surprised that an iron-fisted Commie dictatorship, which is by definition worse at innovation than the freedom-inspired American democracy, could easily come ahead when the latter is preoccupied with trying to survive and not getting ripped to pieces by the anti-American rabid dogs of Marxism, wokeism, and trasngederism?

While the American public is being terrorized by vicious Marxists seeking to take the fortress from the inside, Xi’s China is powering through in AI and cyber capabilities in order to cement their criminal rule for all eternity, while also starting to shameless project their power and corruption all around the globe to dictate the fate of humanity.

Not to mention that the Beijing Commies are building upon decades and decades of intellectual property theft from American and other Western corporations which was allowed by the greedy for-profit neoliberal globalists, who left the Chinese thieves harvest know-how with all possible impunity.

Commie China is busy educating scientists and engineers – for a vile purpose of total totalitarian control, of course – but still – and the American education and scientific community and government are all busy with making… well, weak and overly-sensitives dummies…

When the Chinese and other Commies come to take us over we will just parade in front of them genderless Third World illegal immigrant descended wokeist LGBTQ-whatever zombies corralled from behind by AOC dragging the ancient relic known as Nancy Pelosi in rickshaw.

‘Kindergarten level’

Such a picture cannot be ruled out, and it might now even be very far ahead into the future.

This much is clear from the words of the Pentagon’s first and now ex-software chief, Nicolas Chaillan.

In an interview for The Financial Times, Chaillan reiterated that he resigned his post a few weeks ago due to frustration over the terribly slow technological advancement in the American military.

In his words, America has “no competing fighting chance” the People’s Republic of China “in 15 to 20 years.”

And he quickly added that it’s actually “already a done deal” and “over” for the US – at least that’s his opinion.

Chaillan added that it didn’t matter whether there would be a war that will demonstrate China’s AI, hi-tech advantage over America, or whether that will be proven through peaceful domination.

He made it clear that some departments of the federal government are “at kindergarten level” in terms of cyber, AI, and machine learning capabilities.

Not worried about the Beijing comrades

The young and feisty Marxist, wokeist and transgenderist apparatchiks running the Biden administration are hardly concerned.

So even if China wins and gets to dominate or even rule America – what differences is that to them?

Or perhaps the modern-day American should be worried, and haven’t really thought it all the way through.

The Chinese Commies are of a far tougher sort, and they didn’t actually have to make up race classes and gender classes to win their “class struggle” – they just had a peasant army do it in vast numbers in 1949.

So it is a little doubtful if Beijing will be pleased with the wokeist-transgenderist type of Marxist that it might find ruling America, and if it won’t tighten their screws…