The modern-day Western Marxists are like an octopus with countless tentacles, and are poking their unenlightened beak everywhere they can in order to try to bring about a complete “falling in line” with their repugnant ideology.

Nothing is out of reach, in the West at least, for the wokeist, transgenderist, and Marxist hordes armed with Big Tech.

They love to exercise virtual mob violence, and even physical mob violence – whenever the Marxist Nazi squads from Antifa get to deploy their zombie foot soldiers.

The Nobel Prizes have long been a target for the wokeist-transgenderist gangs who are constantly professing their hatred for white people in general, for men in general, and for white men in particular.

How dare they award Nobels on account of merit?!

The radical left has been engaging in constant, vicious bemoaning of the fact that the Nobel Prize committee dares hand out the awards on account of merit – and not simply because somebody is the right skin color, or sex, or, of course, “gender” as per their hellish ideology.

Well, mostly on account of merit – that goes for science Nobels; it’s hard to forget Barack Obama’s 2009 Nobel Peace Prize when his only achievement for world peace practically was being biracial and getting elected president; but even Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize what seems like ages ago isn’t at all enough to appease today’s belligerent Western Marxists.

Luckily, the people awarding the Nobel Prizes even in extremely liberal and socialist Sweden are standing their ground, defending meritocracy in the sciences and rejecting the pressure to start having “gender” or “race” quotas.

The head of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, Goran Hansson, told AFP that the committee would like to award people who “made the most important discovery”, not the preferred race-gender balance of “Marxists-R-Us”.

Women need a chance to make Nobel worthy discoveries, not sex-based awards

In all fairness, Hansson did buy into the rhetoric about unfairness in society and how there’s much more to be done about it.

However, he added, the Nobel committee decided that it won’t “have quotas for gender or ethnicity,” arguing that is based on “Alfred Nobel’s last will”, written in 1895, a year before he died.

Nobel was a Swedish industrialist who founded the famous prizes.

Hansson also said the number of women receiving Nobels in science is rising but that it should be kept in mind that only some 10% of natural sciences professors in the West are female, and the percentage in East Asia is even smaller.

To placate the wokeist-transgenderist crowd further, whether consciously or subconsciously, the Swedish academic elaborated on the Nobel committee’s efforts to invite more and more women scientists to participate in the Nobel Prize nominations.

He further called for the “different attitudes” to encourage women to go into science – because that way they “get a chance to make these discoveries” for which they can be awarded the Nobel Prize.

What a terrible thing to hear for the Marxists?

Why not just award women because they are women?

Or especially if they have non-white skin color!

Can we have more racial-gender determinism, please?

Can we combine the Nazi racial laws and the Indian caste system to have greater efficiency in that regard?

It is actually somewhat surprising to see that the Nobel committee is holding out against the Marxist pressure and tentacles.

It remains to be seen for how long its members will manage to do that.