American Big Tech corporations’ alliance with the wokeist and transgenderist far left has been an open secret for more than a decade now, and they have helped install Democrat President Joe “Empty Shelves” Biden in the White House and the federal government in all ways possible, including through direct Facebook donations to Democrat-voting counties.

By extension, American Big Tech likes to bow down to the demands of the Chinese Communists.

Of course, China’s ruling Marxists are of the Maoist kind and are much tougher than the American wokeist-transgenderist-progressivist Marxist softies now dominating the Democratic Party.

Kowtowing to China

So China has been able to both keep a bunch of the top “social network” of the US Big Tech giants away from its subjects, having domestically grown on its own several of these instruments of brainwashing and mass manipulation.

But at the same time, Beijing has also been able to extract all kinds of concessions, favors, and kowtowing from the American Big Tech.

In the latest such episode, in a shameless yielding to the will of the Chinese Communist Party, at the “request” of the Chinese government, Apple has taken down a Bible app – alongside a Quran App.

The Bible App by Olive Tree has been taken down together with the other app called “Quran Majeed,” according to a report by Apple Censorship, an activist website.

A request to comment by the BBC saw it redirected to Apple’s Human Rights policy which states that the corporation is “required to comply with local laws” even when it might disagree with the respective directions.

Apple also told the BBC that according to the Chinese officials, the two apps were violating laws on hosting illegal religious texts.

On the Google Play Store, Bible App by Olive Tree was downloaded a little more than 1 million times, while the Quran Majeed App was downloaded more than 5 times.

The developer of the Bible App by Olive Tree didn’t respond immediately to a request to comment by The Business Insider.

A## sk the Chinese

The Quran Majeed app developer, Pakistan Data Management, however, confirmed it had been taken down from China’s App Store, while also revealing that Apple had told it to get in touch with the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC).

Hasan Shafiq Ahmed, the growth head at the firm, said his company was trying to contact the relevant Chinese authorities on the issue since their app had more than 1 million users in China.

While the Quran app takedown has a more obvious reason and likely has to do with Communist China’s continuing brutal crackdown on the ethnic Uighur Muslims in the Northwest Xinjian province, Beijing’s motivation about taking down the Bible app appears less obvious.

In any case, Apple has easily complied with the ask of the Chinese Communist Party to “cancel” the Bible – because – why wouldn’t it?