The terrorist suspect arrested for Friday’s brutal murder in a church of UK Conservative Member of Parliament, Sir David Amess, has turned out to be a 25-year-old British Muslim man of Somalian origin.

Radicalized son of ex-Somalian government official

The man identified as Ali Harbi Ali managed to stab with a knife Sir David a total of 17 times during a constituent surgery, i.e. a series of one-on-one meetings with voters, in a church in the city of Southend, Essex County, England.

What is more, it has been revealed that Ali Harbi Ali is the son of a former senior official from the government of Somalia, Harbi Ali Kullane, who used to be a communications adviser of the Somalian prime minister, The Daily Mail reported.

Harbi Ali Kullane himself confirmed the arrest of his son over Sir David Amess’s horrifying assassination, and was quoted as saying that he was “very traumatized” by what had happened.

Kullane told The Sunday Times that he never “expected or ever dreamed of” his son committing a murder.

According to British security sources cited in the report, the 25-year-old Muslim suspect took more than a week to plan the murder.

He had made an appointment for one of the one-on-one meetings at Sir David’s constituency surgery at which he viciously attacked the elderly politician.

It is unclear whether Ali Harbi Ali used to live in Sir David’s constituency in Southend West but he most recently lived in London where the UK police searched three addresses.

One of the addresses is a North London council house where the young terrorist is believed to be living at present, and which is located in a street of three-floor townhouses worth in excess of $3 million each, with some British celebrity neighbors.

‘Deradicalization’ program

According to the cited sources, Ali did reside in London and took the train to Essex in order to carry out the assassination.

He has been moved from Southend to a specialized high-security jail for terrorism suspects in London.

The British police are trying to establish whether the terrorist suspect has had any connections to any radical Islamist groups.

The report reveals that the British domestic intelligence, MI5, has never dealt with Ali but that he is thought to have been a target years ago for Prevent, a deradicalization program of the British government.

The initial hypotheses of the investigators indicate that the terrorist is likely a “lone wolf” attacker who seems to have had “self-radicalized” before he committed the grisly murder of the popular Conservative British Member of Parliament in Leigh-on-Sea, at Belfairs Methodist Church.

Sir David Amess, a Tory MP since 1983, had regular meetings with his constituents every other week, and details about those were available on his parliamentary website.