As Communist China has gotten rich – all through the investments poured in by American corporations, the dollars of the US taxpayers used to buy their exports, and the theft of hi-tech and know-how – it has been becoming ever more assertive and aggressive in its foreign and military policy.

And it appears to be pouring vast amounts of money into the development of newer, more powerful, and more deadly offensive weapons in order to terrorize other nations into submission but also, as it turns out, in order to threaten the US mainland.

Capable of hitting America from the south

In August, Communist China secretly and successfully test-fired a hypersonic missile capable of carrying nuclear payloads, which circled the entire planet before coming back and almost precisely hitting its target, a report by The Financial Times has just revealed.

The weapon in question is said to have caught the entire US security and intelligence apparatus off-guard.

It is described as a technological development capable of overcoming US missile defense systems.

Hypersonic missiles are particularly hard to stop because they fly at lower altitudes than typical ballistic missiles and are capable travel at over five times the sound speed, at about 3,850 mph.

The FT report cited five anonymous intelligence sources as saying that China’s “Long March” rocket test-fired in August was carrying a “hypersonic glide vehicle” in low orbit.

The newly tested Chinese hypersonic missile reportedly missed its target by some two dozen miles.

The cited sources hypothesize the new Chinese hypersonic weapon would manage to overcome the US missile defense shield again ballistic missiles.

The missile defense system in question is based in Alaska and is designed to intercept rockets coming over the North Pole, potentially fired by Russia – whereas the new Chinese system would potentially be capable of hitting the US mainland from the south.

How did Commie China do this?!

According to the intelligence sources, the US intelligence officials have been “stunned” by the firing of China’s new hypersonic missile, which demonstrates that Beijing has “made astonishing progress” in developing its hypersonic weapons.

The US, China, Russia, and at least five additional countries, including North Korea, are all working on hypersonic missile technology.

The new Chinese weapon test comes in the midst of tensions over Taiwan with Beijing’s claims as its province.

China showcased the first hypersonic missile, DF-17, at a military parade in 2019.

One of the five US intelligence sources interviewed by the FT made it clear that America has “no idea how they did this” – referring to the circling of the entire planet before almost precisely hitting the target.

The development of communist China’s Long March missile is terrible news for the United States, and with Sleepy Joe Biden in the White House, it remains doubtful to what extent America would be able to respond to the challenge.