It is regrettable that whatever merit the green or environmental movement may have, that usually gets completely lost in the whims of its faint political activism and tempting star-like status that top activists seek to achieve and enjoy while supposedly working terribly hard to save the planet.

Particularly noteworthy, of course, has been the case of Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg, who is 18 years old already.

Thunberg has been in the spotlight of the global environmentalist movement for several years now, having come from the family of famous people in her native Sweden.

The irony is that the bizarre behavioral and speaking style of the Swedish “environmental princess” may have actually done more harm than good to the cause of protecting the environment.

Surreal dance moves

In her latest public appearance, which might as well be labeled a publicity stunt, Greta Thunberg actually got on stage but not for another “angry privileged little girl” tirade but to belt out a 1980s disco hit.

Launching a series of what are called “climate change concerts”, a shabbily dressed Thunberg, accompanied by a boy companion, sung part of Rick Astley’s disco classic “Never Gonna Give You Up”.

She was cheered hysterically by teen fans in Sweden’s capital Stockholm as she was jumping side to side around the stage in her own bizarre rendition of Rick Astley’s classic dance moves.

Thunberg’s companion who took to the stage with her to perform the hit song is Fridays for Future’s Andreas Magnusson – and he also gave an “uneven” performance.

We’re no strangers to love

The viral video showing their crazy about a minute-long singing and dancing starts with Great stating to the teen crown that “We’re no strangers to love.”

The event at which Greta cheered the world with her bizarre performance was the first out of a total of 19 global concerts entitled “Climate Live 2021,” which are supposed to raise awareness and pressure on world leaders before Cop26, a global climate conference to take place in Glasgow, Scotland, in November.

While many may have been left wondering how much carbon emissions and piles of non-recyclable trash are generated by such events, Great Thunberg’s surreal performance of course went viral.

So much so that the song’s original singer Rick Astley himself commented on the video on social media, calling it “fantastic” and thanking green princess Greta in Swedish.

Well, Greta may or may not save the world environmentally-wise but she at least seems to be having fun, while also entertaining some people and weirding out others.