Coach of the Kabul Municipality Volleyball Club openly spoke for the Persian Independent, stating that one of his players and a young star of Afghanistan volleyball Mahjabin Hakimi was beheaded by the Jihadists at the beginning of October.

According to his report, the terrorists posted the photo of her head on social media and threatened her family not to speak to the public about this act of terror.

In the past few days, there have been numerous conflicting reports about the death of Hakimi, some suggesting that she committed suicide and denouncing any reports on the beheading, while others publishing a death certificate that states she died under mysterious circumstances just before the Taliban occupied Kabul (August).

Injuries to Mahjabin Hakimi’s neck suggest she was beheaded

Soon after the coach of Kabul Municipality Volleyball Club was interviewed by the Persian Independent, there were several claims published related to the death of Mahjabin Hakimi.

Apart from the suicide reports and the death certificate, the Payk Investigative Journalism Center, based in Afganisthan, stated that the injuries to her neck (visible on the corpse photos) confirm that she was slaughtered by the Jihadists.

According to the KMVC coach, other members of his team are in fear for their lives and are looking for ways to flee Afghanistan.

The Mahjabin Hakimi incident points to the fact that women athletes, and in general all who oppose pre-medieval views of the bloodthirsty lunatics in Afghanistan, have been in grave danger since the Taliban occupied Kabul in August.

The coach of the young volleyball team stated that only two of his associates were able to leave Kabul before the city fell.

After a ban on all women’s sports, the women’s national volleyball team pleaded to FIVB requesting help to safely leave Afghanistan.

According to Zahra Fayzi, a senior player who successfully managed to flee Kabul to the UK, most of her teammates are living in great fear, burning their sports equipment and hiding from the Taliban.

It is all a consequence of the terror organization forbidding women to return to their respective jobs or educational institutions, and - of course, the botched pullout of US forces under the leadership of Sleepy Joe Biden.

After consulting with the Olympic committee, Giuseppe Manfredi, who is a representative of the IVF announced that all of the volleyball matches will be preceded by a minute of silence for the beheaded Afghan player, Mahjabin Hakimi.