Largely thanks to its natural beauty, significance and biological diversity, the Great Barrier Relief off the west coast of Australia has been one of those ultimate natural wonders whose fate has been brandished by the ultra-liberal-leftist media as an environmental scarecrow supposedly proving the spiking global warming and the devastating effect that climate change is going to have on all living things on Earth.

The Great Barrier Reef is actually rebounding

That kind of scaremongering has been a favorite for the liberal leftists as it has allowed them to peddle various restrictions on private enterprise while awarding mind-blowing government subsidies to “green” technologies, manufacturing, and everything that has the words “green” and “bio” in it.

In fact, there might not be another natural site, whose supposed environmental decline and decay has received greater media attention than that of the Great Barrier Reef off the Australian coast.

It turns out, however, that a recent study has concluded that the opposite is true: the Great Barrier Reef is actually experiencing tremendous growth — and, yet, the mainstream media are being silent about it.

According to the most recent official reef recovery report of the Australian government, the coral cover of the Northern Great Barrier Reef has gone up to 27% compared with the recent low point back in 2017.

The Central Great Barrier Reef has likewise seen a hard coral cover increase of 26%.

The study by the Australian government emphasized further that during the 35 years of monitoring of the reef so far, it has consistently demonstrated “an ability to recover after disturbances.”

Nonetheless, mainstream media outlets in the US and other Western nations continue to cover the state of the Great Barrier Reef with a sense of ultimate alarm.

Only used to attack fossil fuels and capitalism

For example, back in April 2018, The New York Times reported that giant parts of the reef had been damaged by an underwater heatwave, which had led to the severe dying off of coral, with scientists saying it might not ever look the same.

The article in question urged governments of countries around the world to keep the Paris Climate Agreement because with it Australia would still have the reef in 50 years, albeit in a damaged form.

In another instance, in October 2020, The Washington Post published an article raising alarm that warming has killed half of all Great Barrier Reef coral, according to a study, and the reef might not recover.

The same article lambasted Australia for still being a world leader in the exports of coal, one of the fossil fuels that contributes the most to global warming and thus accelerates the death of coral.

According to Alex Epstein, president and founder of the Center for Industrial Progress, as cited by The Daily Wire, the mainstream media are eager to cover the alleged decline of the Great Barrier Reef but not its rebound.

Epstein points out that this demonstrates the fact that mainstream media aren’t interested in the truth but only care about their agenda of attacking capitalism and fossil fuels while justifying the gigantic expansion of government power.