Oh, the Soviet Union would have been so ecstatic, had it not died in 1991 and had it been able to learn that the once proud and confident West that kicked its nasty Commie butt in the Cold War is not self-destructing and truly decaying from within as it is allowing deranged Marxists to shatter its entire identity, traditions, culture, and heritage.

But not to worry, there are others who are so happy: Communist China, Putin’s Russia, the ayatollahs of Iran, the Kims in North Korea, the myriad of radical Islamist devils from Al-Qaeda and ISIS to Islamic Jihad, the Mexican drug cartels, to name but a few.

They are decaying the West from within

The United States has been made to rot from within – and the entire West with it – by a bunch of self-loathing, greedy, anti-human, self-righteous, anti-white racist deplorables who are hoping that it will collapse very soon, and then they can have one big anti-white, anti-West totalitarianism orgy that would go on for good as it would be policed by their Big Tech stooges.

How do you destroy the US and the West from within?

There are lots and lots of aspects to this, layers upon layers, really, but going after original, long-cherished classic American children’s novels is one of the many “great”, i.e. utterly vicious but very effective ways to do that.

Cambridge University, once a grand educational institution in the UK now seized in the jaws of the wokeist Marxism monster, is now having precisely those kinds of books labeled will all sorts of “trigger warnings” – which is one of the most idiotic neologisms of the past century – because they contain “harmful content” with respect to “slavery, colonialism, and racism.”

Once invaluable academic institutions such as Cambridge University, one of the one-time intellectual cradles of Western civilization, have obviously become totally oblivious of the No. 1 rule in the study of the history of any kind, a basic truth that every third grader used to be aware of: you don’t judge history and the people of the past by the “standards” or the viewpoints of today.

People have different norms and outlooks in different historical contexts, and if you cut through everything the knife of today’s mindset, you might as well toss the entirety of historical knowledge right in the trash.

And the Marxist wokeist are apparently overly happy to do precisely that.

It probably isn’t that they are that stupid so as to be unable to understand that you don’t judge the past by today’s norms.

It’s just they are probably doing it on purpose in order to kill the entire history and culture of the West – in order to destroy it.

They want to destroy us, plain and simple.

So this is why researchers at Cambridge’s Homerton College are reviewing over 10,000 children’s classic books and magazines to slander them for good as being pro-slavery, racism, and colonialism.

Oh, all those offenses! How did we ever live without wokeist censorship!?

Brain-dead “anti-racist” morons already demanded that teachers censor the racial slurs out of “To Kill A Mockingbird” – because forget about immersion in the historical context.

They want dumb obedient slaves of Marxism, not kids with critical thinking and knowledge of pain, and the potential ability to overcome it in order to defend freedom.

No, sir. They want stupid, ignorant Antifa-thug-type morons to rule over.

So the authors offending the Marxist International of today, as per Cambridge University’s description include Laura Ingalls Wilder with her “Little House on the Prairie”, The Daily Mail reports.

Wilder is “offending” to the Native Americans with her stereotypical descriptions of them.

Really? How is one going to describe anybody in a non-stereotypical way?

Especially in the past, when nobody, thank God, cared about the “being offended” Marxism lunacy?

Wilder should have depicted the Native Americans as transsexual vegans on the occasional Neolithic diet who explore their sexuality, and are extremely pro-environment, and who defy the evil West by posting inspired far-left memes on social media feeds while organizing themselves on their Native American smartphones to beat up a gathering to Christians and/or feminist in Portland or LA.

Then everything would’ve been just dandy with her books!

Another author sent to wokeist hell is of course Dr. Theodor Seuss Geisel, whose Dr. Seuss books, are getting labeled by Cambridge over “overt blackface” and “cultural insensitivities.”

Another one is Charles Kingsley’s The Water Babies, penned in 1863, which “harms readers without warning” with comments about black people – but also about Irish! (A little divide and conquer here of the white folks as the Irish are portrayed as victims.)

L Frank Baum, who is best known as the author of The Wizard Of Oz, is labeled for “white supremacy” because of his Bandit Jim Crow, which was written under a pen name as “Laura Bancroft.”

The college to slander classic American children’s book authors is funded with a grant of UK taxpayer money of more than $110,000 from an institution called UK Arts and Humanities Research Council.

All the above considerations aside, now, don’t you just love it how the Marxists are always getting paid in taxpayer money for performing such lowly, nasty anti-American services to destroy Western civilization?

It’s just them living the dream.