Following the retreat of the US forces from Afghanistan, the Taliban that took over, slowly but surely, ripped the country to shreds, leaving its citizens gasping for air.

Up to that point, the economy was funded by outside sources, managing to keep it afloat, albeit barely, as nearly 40% of the country’s GDP was funded that way.

One such impoverished family spoke up on the matter, having sold their newborn daughter to a stranger for $250 upfront and $250 more when the man returns to claim the child to be his son’s future wife.

This story was reported by Yogita Limaye, a BBC reporter who traveled to the remote village to share this tragic story with the world.

The mother of the infant regretfully explained that it was either that or letting her other children starve to death as Afghanistan’s freezing winter approaches.

US president leaves Afghanistan dead in the water

This would appear to not be an uncommon sight in Afghanistan, as the already impoverished and war-torn country was left without a thing to its name as Joe Biden ordered the retreat of the US Military from the country.

Soon after, the Taliban forces took their opportunity and claimed the country as their own, promising the people change and progress, with few believing them.

Those promises would, naturally, fall short and the country is now on the verge of falling apart economically.

Money values have plunged as food prices reach record new highs, putting the urban areas in the same situation that only the more remote, rural areas of the country were once in.

Businesses have long since shut down and those who haven’t been able to flee the country on time are now left to their own devices, forced to sell all their belongings or send their children to work just to make it through to the end of the month.

Some aren’t lucky enough for that either, as a group of 8 siblings was found starved to death following the death of their parents.

The World Food Program warns that over half of Afghanistan’s population is at risk of malnutrition, with the number clocking in at nearly 23 million, with one million accounting for children in need of immediate care.

An economical collapse in a country that hasn’t seen a good day in 40 years

Sadly, the crisis isn’t one that is easy to solve, as delivering any sort of money into the country presents the risk of the Taliban taking control of it.

This has made many governments reluctant to send any sort of financial aid to the country that the US president Joe Biden has let turn into a hostage crisis of massive proportions.

Left to their own devices, the people struggling to survive, tell harrowing stories of finding entire families dead in their homes, starved to the point where they couldn’t even move anymore.

As of now, the WFP is urging the world’s nations to send help to these people cursed with neverending conflict.

It is revealed that nearly $220 million would be required monthly just to feed the hungry and another $215 million to circumvent the damages caused by this year’s drought.

The horrors don’t end with hunger, as a concerned mother reports that 2 of her children at Medecins Sans Frontieres hospital are dying due to a lack of medical supplies, and she is just one of many.

Former treasury department official Alex Zerden spoke up on the matter, stating that the Taliban have formed a corrupt government and sending money into the country would prove to be a huge liability.

He continued, assuring the people that if the Taliban were extorting and robbing a few months ago, nothing is stopping them from continuing down that path.

Many are left wondering how Biden sleeps at night knowing that millions of lives will be lost thanks to him.