Following President Biden’s public announcement regarding allegiance to Taiwan, wherein he promised that the administration would provide support to the nation if China decides to attack it, Taiwan’s president has confirmed the presence of US troops on the island, for the first time.

Taiwan’s president spoke at length about the cooperation, saying that they are aiming to better the defensive potency of Taiwan with the support of the US.

Educated guesses say that the training operation might have been in progress for a year, or longer.

US troops’ presence in Taiwan is nothing new, but since the end of the Defense Command in Taiwan, the ties between the two nations have been unofficial, and not much information was openly disclosed, with the US trying to maintain good relations with Beijing.

At the moment, however, there is only a token force of American troops stationed on the island of Taiwan, the importance of which is likely no more than symbolic for now.

Biden’s reluctancy to cooperate could mean trouble

The dialogue regarding US’s place in the relations between Taiwan and China commenced with President Biden’s rebuking Beijing’s encroaching on the island in its military testing practices.

And it has since been muddy, with the President attempting to revert to ambiguity, having received a warning from Beijing.

He has not made any similar promises of coming to Taiwan’s aid since, though he has voiced “concern” over China’s attempts at scare tactics.

Taiwan’s president Ing-wen Tsai does still state that she is certain Taiwan will receive aid from the US if such is needed.

Furthermore, Tsai spoke to CNN about her willingness to meet with China’s President to discuss arrangements that would result in a peaceful co-existence.

It is anyone’s guess how such a meeting might go, as China considers Taiwan as own territory.

In all this, the US Secretary of State has confirmed US’s policies regarding the conflict, acknowledging Beijing’s claim to Taiwan, but also pointed towards Taiwan’s democratic successes, as he called for the country to be allowed greater participation as far as the UN.

China could not agree less, repeating through the Taiwan Affairs Office that Taiwan had no place in the UN, pointing to its lack of sovereignty.

To go back to China’s recent military actions, of particular concern are the missile tests which included a hypersonic weapon system.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff inform that the tested missile can support a nuclear warhead, which makes it extremely dangerous.

Such missiles are much harder to detect than conventional defense systems.

Military officials are comparing this event to the launch of Sputnik, the world’s first satellite, which, as we recall, kicked off the space race.