America is losing its super hi-tech military edge, while China is powering through and on its way to gain categorical supremacy in hypersonic missiles.

This dire warning has come from Gen. John Hyten, the retiring vice chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Considering how the administration of Democrat President Sleepy Empty Shelves Joe Biden abjectly mishandled the withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan, which, while a tough one, was a counter-insurgency war, it would be no wonder if under Biden and his incompetent bunch, America loses miserably to China on all fronts, whether there happens to be direct military action, or not.

Hyten’s warning comes after recent reports that China successfully tested a hypersonic nuclear-capable missile, which circled the planet before hitting within 20 miles of its intended target.

Single digits vs. hundreds

Speaking during a roundtable of the Defense Writers Group, the deputy head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff emphasized that the American public ought to be worried by the fact that China has managed to carry out hundreds of tests of hypersonic missiles in the past five years or prior to that.

At the same time, the US has carried out only nine such tests, Hyten said, describing China’s advancements in the field of hypersonic missiles as clearly concerning.

The second highest-ranking military officer in the United States stressed that you are not in a good place when you have “single digits” vs “hundreds.”

Hyten, however, didn’t elaborate more on the concerns in question, or what specific repercussions and consequences a potential Chinese hypersonic missile supremacy over America might have.

The general reiterated, however, that the “pace” and the “trajectory” of the Chinese hypersonic weapons test indicate that China is going to surpass both Russia and the US unless we do “something to change it.”

The vice-chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff then declared that America has “to do something” in that regard.

US failure vs. Chinese advancement

There were reports last week, as test of the US military’s own hypersonic weapons system was delayed as a result of a rocket failure.

The common hypersonic glide body of the Army and the Navy was supposed to be tested in Kodiak, Alaska, but couldn’t launch, according to ABC News.

At the same time, intelligence sources have alleged that China carried out a second test of what is believed to be an orbital hypersonic missile that is able to carry a nuclear payload.

Hyten’s superior, the by now-disgraced Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley, who was instrumental in America’s defeat in Afghanistan, and who betrayed President Donald Trump by contacting the Chinese military behind his back in January, has also expressed concerns over China’s hypersonic missile progress.

Earlier this week, he told Bloomberg TV that the situation is “very concerning” and that it almost feels like a “Sputnik” moment – recalling the Cold War moment when America was concerned about the Soviet Union’s space advancements, and push card not to fall behind and to come ahead.

Of course, with the kind of “leadership” that the likes of Biden and Milley have to offer, America doesn’t seem to stand much chances in competing successfully against China – because that would be the work of a patriotic commander-in-chief and patriotic generals.