Who would have thought that one day the Taliban terrorists and Greta Thunberg would become best buds?

They haven’t really gotten together yet but all the prerequisites are already in place as both of them are extremists, and the former have declared support for fighting climate change, a rather bizarre call for radical Islamist murderers.

The going-green Taliban message has come as at least some of the world leaders, including the Taliban-surrenderer Sleepy Joe Biden, America’s Democrat President, have come together for the COP26 UN climate change conference in Glasgow, Scotland.

Taliban wants in the Green International

Suhail Shaheen, the English-speaking social-media-savvy spokesman of the Taliban murderers, declared on Monday that there is a need to preserve Afghanistan’s “fragile climate”, and that making the country greener would take “tremendous work.”

Perhaps the Taliban have figured out that posing as environmentalists would help secure international recognition for their regime, which popped up in August, after Biden lost America’s 20-year-long war on terror in Afghanistan in just a few days.

What is even more remarkable, Shaheen stated that environmental projects, which already have UN funding and were in place under the former Afghan government, must be resumed in full.

He noted that such climate change projects in Afghanistan have been funded by the United Nations Development Program, Afghan Aid, and the Green Climate Fund.

As part of achieving the goal of resuming those, the spokesman promised the Taliban would be committed to the safety of international contractors who have previously been targeted by its terrorist fighters.

The Taliban’s green paradigm shift comes against the backdrop of UN warnings that a drought in Afghanistan exacerbated by climate change could place a total of 22 million Afghans in “acute food insecurity.”

Taliban want NGOs back

Needless to say, the environmental work of international agencies and donors in Afghanistan has been interrupted by the establishment of the generally medieval-minded, murderous Taliban regime.

Taliban spokesman Shaheen even went to Twitter to declare that the “Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan” is now “committed” to the safety and security of “NGOs and charity organizations”.

The question is who would believe him – except maybe for some radical Islamist foundations backed by oil-rich Arab and Muslim countries.

Shaheen’s “green” statements came just as the murky supreme leader of the Taliban, Haibatullah Akhundzada, appeared for the first time publicly since 2016.

His comments also arrived after on Sunday Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg, the global environmental princess, declared that “significant changes” in favor of fighting climate change and greener policies could only happen if some people “get p**d off,” in an apparent call for environmental fundamentalism and extremism.

Considering the Taliban’s experience with fundamentalism and extremism, a Greta – Taliban alliance might even come natural.

When that happens, the planet Earth will finally be in truly good hands.