After 20 years of constant war and reconstruction efforts by the US and trillions of dollars in US spending, Afghanistan has rapidly descended into utter barbaric medieval chaos, horror, and desperation – and all of that thanks almost entirely to the old man in the White House known as Sleepy Joe Biden or Empty Shelves Joe.

Thank you, Joe Biden: 10-year-olds sold as child brides to 70-year-old perverts

With the insanely humiliating and devastating American pullout from Afghanistan, Biden has made lots and lots of people happy, primarily the type who wish the United States of America to die a violent, terrifying death: radical Islamist terrorists, great power dictatorships from Eurasia, mid-and low-level rogue states from Latin America and the Middle East, deranged “academics” and students on American college campuses, and so on.

Oh, and let’s not forget elderly Afghan perverts who are “benefitting” from the entire situation as regular Afghan families have fallen into famine under the wonderful rule of the Taliban and are being forced to sell their minor daughters as child brides and wives to the pedophile elderly monsters.

In one such case, nine-year-old Afghan girl Parwana Malik, has been sold by her parents to become the child bride of 55-year-old Qorban, so that her parents can buy food for their family, according to a report by the otherwise pro-Biden liberal leftist propaganda machine that is CNN.

The girl’s father, Abdul Malik, was crying during the sale, and was begging the new husband of the 9-year-old not to hurt her.

Parwana is reported to be considering Qorban an old man because of his white beard and white eyebrows.

The girl’s family made it clear that it didn’t have a choice just like numerous other Afghan families who are selling their young daughters as child brides in order to be able to survive the destitution they have been thrown into under the Taliban, after Joe Biden lost the war in Afghanistan and surrendered to the murderous radical Islamist terrorists.

The report also tells of another case in which a 10-year-old girl is crying day and night as she is about to be sold to a 70-year-old, a man almost Joe Biden’s age, so that her family can pay off its debts.

In an even more shocking case, a family of nine is getting ready to sell not just its nine-year-old girls but also its four-year-old girls so they can buy food for the rest of the children.

Biden brought the Taliban to power and the collapse of the Afghan economy

For the past four years, Parwana’s family has been living in a displacement camp in the Badghis province in Northwest Afghanistan, surviving on about $3.5 per day from work and humanitarian aid.

However, the Taliban re-conquest of Afghanistan engineered by Joe Biden has caused a near-collapse of the Afghan economy, while foreign humanitarian aid has been stopped.

Parwana has a 12-year-old sister who was sold a month ago for similar reasons by their father Abdul, who is reported to be unable to sleep at night out of the terrible guilt he feels for this evident destruction of his daughter’s young and innocent lives.

The fact of the matter, however, is that the overarching guilt for the horrible fate of those little girls, and countless other souls, rests with the clueless senile old man in the White House, Sleepy Joe Biden, and his vicious Marxist cohort of an administration.