The United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26), is being held in Glasgow, Scotland, and the topics discussed by world leaders do not seem to be very interesting to President Sleepy Joe Biden.

Prior to Monday’s speech, cameras caught elderly Biden, 78, napping, and former President Trump took the opportunity to taunt him, saying not even Biden could hear about the global warming hoax.

Trump added that Biden, before leaving for Europe, said the issue of global warming was his top priority, and then he fell asleep on the first day of the conference, which made it clear how important the topic of the conference really is to him.

The sleepy time nap happened while activist Eddie Ndopu was holding a speech about the need to take action to stop climate change.

Still, Biden managed to wake up, rub his eyes and listen to the Italian prime minister’s speech.

He’s losing it

Another in a series of slip-ups by the oldest elected president only prompted critics to re-increase views on his ability to hold the presidency, and the growing decline in popularity and confidence in Biden is seen in polls as well.

Biden has not released his medical report since 2019 and White House press secretary Jen Psaki, currently unavailable due to Covid infection, declines to give statements about his health during a public address.

In his speech at the UN conference, which tripled the 3-minute time limit, Biden issued a series of warnings about the dangers of climate change, describing them as an existential threat to human existence, and emphasizing how now is the time to do something to preserve the common future.

Biden also took this opportunity to swing at Trump and apologize for leaving the Paris Climate Agreement.

The weekend before the UN conference, Biden attended the G20 summit in Rome where his convoy included as many as 85 vehicles, starting with ones for journalists, ambulances, officers, secret services, and communications services.

On Monday he landed at the UN conference in Scotland in his Air Force One along with a convoy of 20 more vehicles.

A true example of a politician who prioritizes climate change in his work.

Interesting figures are related to Biden’s trip to Italy and Scotland, viewed from the climate side.

It is estimated that his trip to Europe, from Biden’s planes (4 in total) and accompanying cars, released about 2.2 million pounds of carbon.

To remind, carbon emission is the biggest thorn in sleepy Joe’s climate worrying eye.

Gina McCarthy, Biden’s climate adviser, said the U.S. is preparing a plan to cut the US carbon emissions in half by 2023, with a final target of 0 by 2050.

Seems like an unattainable goal if the president’s behavior is taken as an example.