It must be considered a tremendous albeit utterly horrifying tragedy that the conservative Republican administration of President George W. Bush launched the war on terror in Afghanistan, destroyed the first Taliban regime, and thus saved many local gay and LGBT people from horrible deaths – whereas the radical leftist Democrat administration of Sleepy Joe Biden lost the war in no time and doomed those people by leaving them in the hellish, blood-thirsty hands of the Taliban terrorists.

That’s not to mention as well that the administration of Republican President Donald Trump – who epitomizes “evil” as far as the left is concerned, and that is simply because he thwarted its plans to destroy America – has also kept up the Afghan government and the war effort going, thus contributing to the survival and the opportunity for a decent life for those Afghans of non-traditional sexual orientation.

Don’t worry, Biden abandoned all, not just gays

Sleepy Joe Biden, however, would have any of that.

However, the local gay and LGBT people shouldn’t feel too offended and too abandoned – after all, the transgenderist and gender-ideology Biden administration abandoned in Afghanistan anybody it could – without regard for American citizenship, sex, sexual orientation.

It was a whole blanked abandonment, Joe, Ron Klain, Antony Blinken and the likes don’t discriminate.

Apparently, however, the Taliban terrorist government of Afghanistan is now keeping a list of gay people to be hunted down and destroyed, a report by France24 says, citing the director of the Rainbow Railroad, Kimahliu Powell.

The Rainbow Railroad is said to be the only LGBT organization still active on the ground in Afghanistan.

It is presently seeking to find refuge for threatened LGBT people in Afghanistan before trying to get them out of the country and away from the evil Taliban regime.

Powell claims that “we know for sure” that the Taliban have a kill list for gays, and that it’s being circulated, and forcing any LGBT-etc people into hiding with well-understandable fear for their lives.

The Marxist golden rule applied

Islamic Sharia law, which is under an extremist interpretation by the Taliban – recently brought to power in Afghanistan by Joe Biden – bans homosexuality, and under that setup it is punishable by death, likely in truly horrifying manner.

Powell also claimed that after Kabul fell, lots of people’s identities were exposed, and the Taliban have been able to compile their gay kill list, and build upon it ever since by utilizing data leaks and entrapment schemes.

Powell has described the situation as a “really scary time for being in Afghanistan”, shyly omitting to mention that the whole thing is entirely the fault of the otherwise vocally pro-transgenderist and gay-friendly administration of Sleepy Joe Biden.

Of course, the golden rule of Marxists applies here as well: regardless of what they preach, Marxists, never give a damn about the “masses” in question, and all of their preaching is just empty rhetoric for political expediency.

That golden has now been applied by the Biden administration with respect to gay people – and many others – in Afghanistan.