It is no wonder that at the beginning of 2020, as the coronavirus was gripping the globe, there were multiple reports that COVID-19 originated in the wet market for wild animals in the city of Wuhan, China.

Back then, that was a highly plausible theory as people from around the world learned in shock and awe about bizarre consumption by Chinese people of both wild and domestic animals – with the emergence of the virus being attributed to various unnatural contacts among bats, pangolins, and humans.

Of course, as more and more evidence about a cover-up by the authorities of the People’s Republic of China have been emerging, and so have intelligence reports by leading Western intelligence services, we now know that the most plausible theory is that the coronavirus somehow got out of the laboratories of the Chinese Wuhan Institute of Virology.

And that the reason COVID-19 is so resilient and persistent is that it was likely created through artificial enhancement known as “gain of function” research.

Forcing poor monkey to smoke in order to combat smoking

A new rather gruesome animal treatment story has emerged out of China, which has sparked international outrage among social media users – including Chinese one – is the case of a baby monkey in a zoo close to Beijing who is being forced by its keepers to smoke cigarettes.

Not just that: a video of the tobacco-addicted baby monkey was posted online by the very zoo itself, the Hengshui Wildlife Park in Hengshui, in the northwestern Chinese province of Hebei, near Beijing.

And, to top it all off, the zookeepers actually said that they made the video – which included forcing the monkey to smoke – in order to raise public awareness about smoking and to help prevention as part of what is supposed to be a public health campaign.

That is inspiring: teaching kids as well as adults not to smoke but forcing a poor, trapped wild animal to smoke – and by parading that all over the internet.

In the video, a woman can be heard taking away the cigarette from the animal, and declaring that smoking is bad for your health.

As the cigarette is removed from him, the monkey can be seen rolling his eyes and falling to his back.

Numerous Chinese social media users reacted by stating that the video of the smoking monkey is particularly cruel, with some observing that the animal appeared unresponsive, sick, and dizzy.

Many lambasted the zoo for causing this kind of outrage even though it is supposed to actually take good care of its animals.

According to the FDA, animals exposed to smoke from cigarettes find themselves at increased risk of numerous diseases, such as heart disease, cancer, pneumonia, and eye problems.

Insane Chinese treatment of animals

The video with the forcibly smoking monkey is the just latest instance of shocking animal “welfare” handling in China.

In May, the country had a “blind box” craze, with online Chinese shoppers buying “mystery boxes” containing pets.

Some 160 dogs and cats were rescued while being shipped but some of them did suffocate and die.

In Southwest China, there is the 10-day Yulin Dog Meat Festival during which some 10,000 dogs get slaughtered in order to be eaten, and consuming them is believed to be bringing good and health.