Following the release of images taken by Colorado-based Maxar Technologies specializing in satellite imagery, depicting a series of mock-ups of US ships and aircraft carriers, many were quick to assume that China is gearing up for conflict with America.

The mock-ups were constructed on a military fighting range in Ruoqjang, located in the communist country’s northwest desert region, with some targets being stationary, while others were attached to a rail for mobility.

This appears to be only one of China’s many dangerous new exploits, with them developing numerous new nuclear warheads, battleships, ballistic missiles, aircraft, and pretty much anything that screams „Death to America.”

With the Taiwan conflict burning stronger than ever, and Biden deciding to stand with the island country, it is very unclear what the future might bring should China decide to declare war.

All of China’s recent military improvements seem to be directly aimed at combating naval forces, which are the US’s strongest military asset by far, making one wonder how much longer will we continue to turn a blind eye to this impending conflict.

Most of these weapons are said to be decades ahead of what the US and Russia have access to at the moment, with the land-to-sea DF-21D missile taking center stage with its „carrier killer” nickname.

The last couple of months have shown that China isn’t afraid to demonstrate its weaponry, with their new, soviet FOBS-inspired, ballistic missile circling the entire planet before landing to hit its target.

China’s military, almost mockingly, denied it being a weaponized system, writing it off as an experimental citizen transport vehicle.

The US and Russia, both years behind the Chinese military’s technological advances

A recent report from the Pentagon shows that Xi Jinping has surpassed everyone’s expectations when it comes to the development of nuclear weaponry, with estimates saying that China’s global power could easily match or even surpass that of the US very soon.

This information raises cause for concern, with James Inhofe, a senate Armed services committee ranking member stating that the States have never been more endangered by any other military force in the world.

Another military official, Mike Rogers added that the US can no longer delay the modernization of its military force, especially now that China poses such a massive threat.

And while the US navy is still dominant in numbers, its ranks are divided throughout many other regions of the world where America sees its interests, whereas China keeps stockpiling its vessels in the South China sea, a very strong strategical point that China virtually owns in its entirety.

A series of satellite images taken in July have shown the construction of 2 silo bases in China’s remote regions, with the bases being large enough to house 120 and 110 missiles each, and with each missile being able to carry 12 nuclear warheads, the country could theoretically have nearly 900 warheads ready to wipe any country off the face of the Earth.

China continues to lay claim to islands with disputed ownership, causing tensions to rise with many other regional militaries, but in light of these recent technological advances, many are smart to fear conflict with the warfighting monstrosity the country has become.