Are you an American and Western patriot – you know, of the type who happens to hold freedom, democracy, decency, Christianity, the Constitution, Enlightenment, the Greco-Roman, and Judeo Christian traditions, law, order, meritocracy, hard work, free-marked capitalism in high regard?

And you are devastated by the unbridled havoc that modern-day radical leftism – with its wokeist, anti-white racist and transgenderist, gender-ideology brands – is wreaking upon the United States of America?

But are you maybe tempted by the thought – for which Stalinist thought police of AOC-type would hang you by your guts – that, hey, maybe, in the old “country” of Europe – well, the continent of countries – they still have some greater Western Civilization resilience, with them being old-school-type nation-states and having several thousand more years of Western history, and all?

Do not worry: today’s Europe, and especially the very America-like Western Europe is being just as battered and just as destroyed by modern-day Western Marxism and its minions, and maybe even more so – since, unlike America, in the post-Cold War world, the Western Europeans barely even retained any military tradition worthy of the name.

In any case, transgenderism and the absurdist but arrogantly aggressive ideology of transgenderism and “gender identities” is ripping the fabric of European societies as well.

From Volvo to transgenderism

A frontrunner in that regard is the Nordic & Scandinavian nation of Sweden, where ABBA, IKEA, and Volvo once came from.

One of the main things coming out of Sweden today is unbridled transgenderism (which is ironic considering that for a long time “the Volvo” used to symbolize American family life).

However, now the Swedish government has put forth a proposal which would allow kids as young as 12 years of age to – just like that – jump up and change their legal “gender” – which used to be called “sex” – and do so without an examination or approval by a doctor of medicine.

The draft legislation on the final victory of transgenderism over whatever brand of Western Civilization, Christianity, and decency Sweden used to stand for, however, does still require consent by the transgederism-infected child’s guardian.

That shouldn’t really worry you, either.

In a couple of years, they will probably put forth a new law where kids won’t even need a “guardian’s approval” – that will be counter to their transgenderism rights, ha!

And then, 1-2 years later, they will come up with a new law that lowers the age to 0.

Hey, maybe even unborn fetuses will be allowed to change their “gender” without parental consent, in their mother’s – oops, sorry, we keep doing that! – in their “birthing person’s” womb.

And that right will be so fundamental that those gender-inspired fetuses will be able to do that, or may even be required to do that – change their gender – regardless of whether they are just about to get aborted, i.e. brutally killed.

Because you know the transgenderists love abortion and all.

Western Civilization’s future is in great transgenderist hands

So – the future of Western Civilization is shaping up great, in a nutshell: all will be changing their genders a lot, but they also will have no genders, or all genders at the same time, and also birthing person’s fetuses will be doing that a lot before they get killed through abortion.

And that will make the Marxists dominating the governments of Sweden, the United States, and all those formerly self-respecting nations truly happy, they might even wet their transgenderism-promoting pants out of happiness.

Won’t that eventually bring about a societal collapse of sorts, you ask?

Ah, well, you just worry too much.

If anything like that happens, it will only affect those evil “white people” things that have come to this planet straight outta hell!

And there are billions of far more worthy non-white actual humans to populate those territories.

Those esteemed humans are coming from portions of the globe unfairly known today as the “Third World”.

For the entity known as the United States, those dignified individuals are arriving from the Latin American part, and for places such as Sweden, it’s all about the Middle Eastern Muslim and African part.

So you really must shut your nasty “white” subhuman overprivileged racist conservative white supremacist pure evil mouth-like think and let transgenderism do it lofty, enlightened, and gracious thing.

Starting with Swedish 12-year-olds and taking it from there.