In today’s dose of wokeism, activists have decided to protest literal means of transportation, and for those of you having to double-take check if you read this right, nope, no joke here…

In fact, it’s almost as if they ran out of ideas after knocking over so many statues depicting historical figures, that they decided to go for the industrial revolution’s memorabilia instead.

The completely backward reasoning for the prosecution of hunks of metal is further explained by The White Rose Consortium which threw 9,000 GBP into the British National Railway Museum as a means of investigating the link these trains have to slavery and colonialism.

The White Rose Consortium is made up of Leeds, Sheffield, and York universities and their research project hilariously titled: „Slavery and steam: steam power, railways, and colonialism” as if they tried to fit every hashtag that gets woke twitter riled up into its name, is focused on analyzing the social, economical and infrastructural impact that boiling water has made on this world.

If one stares long enough, they might notice that steam is white, the color that all progressives love to hate, and only then does it make sense to burn over $12,000 on this circus.

BLM slactivism at its finest. Canceling trains just might do the trick

Riding on the coattails of last year’s Black Lives Matters protests and the slacktivism that followed, professor Jonathan Finch of York University claimed that steam power and global trade have a tight-knit relationship, pointing at all the technological advancements that steam-powered engines have brought to many countries of the world, adding that the project will focus on understanding the relationship between slavery and steam.

This does seem like quite an odd thing to say, especially considering that most of the world’s slave trade has occurred during the time before the discovery of steam-powered engines and their applications.

The museum staff is already worried about the horrific plaques apologizing for the harm caused being attached to each locomotive, effectively ruining an integral part of mankind’s history.

The list of suspects isn’t looking too short either, with the KF7 locomotive facing charges for colonialism in China, the Bombay, Baroda, and Central India steam engines facing the same charges for India and Winston Churchill’s train probably taking the brunt of it, due to his links to the British empire.

With no one to save these large hunks of steel, their future seems very dark, with their own museum curators leaning into the current and claiming them to be instruments of slavery and colonialist actions.

No one knows the next step these brainwashed woke activists will take, but given their track record, it will probably make as much sense as this one.