Thousands of illegal immigrants mostly from Iraq and Afghanistan have been allowed to pass by the regime of Belarus strongman Alexander Lukashenko through his country’s territory in order to reach the EU member states of Poland and Lithuania.

At the same time, Russian President Vladimir Putin has sent two nuclear bombers over Belarus in support of his close ally in the face of strong European reactions accusing Lukashenko of weaponizing illegal immigrants in order to punish and/or extort the West which has been adamantly opposed to his regime since at the summer of 2020 when he crushed a mass street protests.

Putin-Lukashenko friendship

Putin dispatched two supersonic bombers Tu-22M3 for “air defense combat alert” tasks in Belarus to support his post-Soviet authoritarian pall Lukashenko.

A report by The Daily Mail says the several thousands of Middle Eastern illegals, who have been allowed into Belarus and through the country to reach the Polish and EU border, want to make it to the UK.

They are said to be being brutalized and beaten by the Belarusian border guards in order to force them to storm Poland’s border fences causing local as well as international diplomatic tensions to spike in the past few days.

Footage taken from the Polish side of the border demonstrates how Belorusian soldiers are firing shorts in order to scare off illegals.

The consensus in the West is that the regime of Alexander Lukanshenko, who has kept the former Soviet republic of Belarus as a mini-copy of the former Soviet Union for 30 years now, is seeking to trigger another illegal immigration crisis in Europe in order to punish the EU for slapping various sanctions on his regime due to his clampdown on protesters in 2020.

Specially trained war veterans to pose as refugees

At the same time, though, Pavel Latushka, a former Belarusian ambassador to France and Poland, who defected to Warsaw after siding with the pro-democracy movement last year, is quoted as saying that the “refugees” in Belarus are actually Iraqi and Afghan war veterans who have been trained by Lukashenko’s special forces.

The former Belarusian diplomat even called the post-Soviet dictator’s tactics “a form of Nazi-era propaganda”.

The report cites an unnamed male illegal immigrant among those at Poland’s border as saying that half of the illegal migrants are seeking to reach the UK – which is now no longer in the European Union.

He added that not a single person of those wants to remain in Poland.

Another man from those illegals stranded at the border between Belarus and Poland/the European Union, was identified as a migrant from Syria named Youssef Atallah.

Atallah claims that he was viciously beaten by Belarusian border security guards, and a photograph shows him with eye haemorrhages and a broken nose.

More Russian involvement

Latushka claims the Belarusian regime handpicked Afghan and Iraqi military veterans between July and September, and trained them to cause a local war at the Polish border, all the while accusing the EU of causing a humanitarian disaster for not helping those that are stranded, and no allowing them entry.

The former diplomat also alleged further that the Iraqi and Afghan vets were trained by a Belarusian special force unit called the “Marjina Horka” brigade, which fought in the Soviet Union’s war in Afghanistan in the 1980s, and which features advisers from the GRU, Russia’s infamous military intelligence force.