People in the United States are aware that the Pacific Northwest is filled with some crazy far-left liberal yahoos whose wokeists experiments are already ruining places such as Seattle, Washington, and Portland, Oregon.

However, if you go up and cross the northern border into Canada, that’s where things become even more despairingly far-left crazy.

And who is going to diagnose the far-left crazies?

The Canadian state of British Columbia is all over the wokeist and transgenderist utopia.

It is a place where a father was recently sentenced and sent to prison for speaking out against the “transgender” “transition” of his daughter actively aided by her insane mother and the state.

It is also a state where students in school are actually encouraged to “transition” to another “gender” without the knowledge and consent of the parents.

So it is this far-left lunacy infested-inspired Canadian province which has now given us the world’s first diagnosis of “climate change” to a human patient.

According to The Canadian Colonist, the person “infected” with climate change is an elderly woman in her 70s, who went to the emergency room with numerous health issues such as “some heart failure” and diabetes.

As he looked into various possible causes for her impaired health condition, Dr. Kyle Merritt decided to make world headlines by diagnosing the poor woman with “climate change” – whatever that might really mean in media circles.

The report says the revolutionary far-left diagnosis was issued in late June when British Columbia was undergoing a heatwave, which became the deadliest and hottest such weather event in Canada’s history.

Dr. Kyle Merritt explained he saw the suffering of patients from the heatwave as they were having numerous health issues at the same time.

He told The Times Colonist that he started to wonder why, and whether the patients in question had anything in common.

That is how he reached the conclusion that the common denominator in those cases was the heatwave.

And that is how he came up with the “climate change” diagnosis for a person which nobody in the world has ever heard of simply because it is not technically and actually a human disease.

All about a heatwave

As a justification for his diagnosis which certainly made climate activists and other hags using environmental rhetoric to piss their pants with happiness, the doctor recalled how his emergency department was trying to figure out how to cool down people.

Merritt also seemingly departed from a pattern in which local doctors have been blaming many health problems of the British Colombia residents on air pollution.

Instead, Merritt has blamed it on climate change.

The doctor, who has 10 years of experience, defended his call on the climate change diagnosis but stated that doctors are always supposed to look “at the underlying causes” – and he considered climate change to be that cause.

So there you have it – a truly simple diagnosis that might be a fix for all – or just a miserable failure to actually treat your patient – because how do you actually treat the “climate change” disease?

Just go out and prescribe for them some new “climate”?