35-year-old Chinese tennis player Peng Shuai accused the communist party’s former vice premier, 75-year-old Zhang Gaoli of forced intercourse and other forms of sexual abuse and hasn’t been seen since.

IT is no secret that China heavily moderates its social media platforms, going as far as to not even allow the usage of standard social media like Facebook, giving its citizens access to only the fully monitored, „watch what you say or you’ll turn up missing” equivalent called Weibo.

Even with this not being the first #metoo situation China has faced so far, it is the first one involving a high-ranking member of China’s communist party.

The post describes Peng’s relationship with Zhang, claiming the two to have been involved in an on-and-off affair all the way back in 2011, with the tennis player stating that they had intercourse multiple times before Zhang was promoted to the bureau and decided to cut all ties with her.

Peng continues, adding that in 2018, the former vice-premier tried to initiate a form of relationship again by inviting her to dinner with his wife, after which he forced herself on her until she inevitably gave up, leading into another affair, with this one lasting for the following 3 years.

While there is no conclusive evidence that the affair had taken place, Peng was adamant on putting Zhang in the public eye, adding that he claimed to not be afraid, poking into a chinaman’s most important asset, their honor.

Peng vanishes into thin air as the former vice-premier goes into hiding

Naturally, the post was taken down within a record 20 minutes, with Peng’s social media profile becoming disabled, only turning up in google searches but without any sort of content on it.

Writing a post on the matter also seems to be troublesome as Weibo seems to have blocked any and all posts containing the two’s names, most likely orchestrated by the communist party themselves, especially after they have completely denied even knowing of the incident.

Zhang also refused to comment, leaving the press with mountains of questions that will continue to grow as Zheng avoids public appearances.

Lu Pin, a Chinese women’s rights activist stated that the CCP was and continues to be rotten and corrupt, adding that Peng’s sacrifice will pave the way for other women, and will give the world a glimpse at Chinese leaders and their decadent ways.