The Houthi rebels, an Islamist extremist group in Yemen closely allied with Iran, the top US enemy in the Middle East, have stormed and breached the building of the American Embassy in the war-torn country.

The US Embassy in Yemen has been de-facto inactive since 2015 when all US personnel was pulled out because of the spiking violence of the Yemeni Civil War.

However, the embassy was still kept operational by local Yemeni staffers working for the US Department of State and USAID, the US government agency for foreign aid.

‘Diplomatic efforts’ to counter the Iranian proxies

In their raid against America’s diplomatic compound in Yemen’s capital Sanaa, the Iranian-backed Houthi terrorists kidnapped at least 25 locals working for the US Embassy, according to a report by Bloomberg.

The Islamist radicals commanded by Iran also seized various pieces of equipment from the compound, according to a report by The Washington Free Beacon, which cites a media watchdog, Middle East Media Research Institute.

The institute itself translated various accounts from Yemeni media.

According to the report, the kidnappings of Yemenis working for the US government occurred five days earlier.

In one instance, the Iranian proxies raided the private residence of one US embassy employee in Sanaa, taking hostage a total of three staffers.

No fewer than 22 more US-employed Yemenis have been taken hostage recently by the rebels, and most of them actually worked on the security staff protecting the US Embassy compound.

A spokesperson for the US Department of State announced that most of the hostages in question have since been released, as cited by Fox News.

However, at least some of the Yemeni staffers of the American Embassy in Sanaa remain hostages “without explanation from the Iranian-controlled terrorists.

In a statement, the State Department of the Biden administration called upon the Houthis “to immediately vacate” the embassy compound and to “return all seized property”.

It added that the US government will keep up its “diplomatic efforts” to get the rest of its Yemeni employees released, and its embassy compound in Sanaa secured.

As always, Biden made it so much worse

That is certainly not a very forceful declaration but we have to remember that we have the Biden administration in charge here, with its pathetic Secretary of State Antony Blinken, whose main qualification has been that he served as Biden’s aide for many years.

The Houthis are known to have been trained and likely controlled directly by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, the elite military intelligence organization of the Iranian Islamist regime.

The sad and actually pathetic irony in the case with the Iranian-allied Houthis is that they had been designed as an FTO (“Foreign Terrorist Organization”) by President Donald Trump but Sleepy Joe Biden reversed that on February 5 of this year.

So the Houthis are no longer terrorists according to the Biden gang – never mind that they’ve invaded the US Embassy in Yemen and seized its staff and assets.

The pathetic reasoning of the Biden administration at the time was that reversing the designation would help “mitigate” the humanitarian disaster in Yemen caused by the Houthis’ Iran-backed rebellion against the Yemeni government.

Go figure how that has helped.