Set in the powder keg region of the Middle East where hundreds of millions of people want its ultimate destruction, Israel has just unveiled for the public what it describes as the first of their kind electronic warfare systems, which are going to help it defend itself against Islamist, anti-Semitic attacks from various enemies.

The systems in question are able to detect and disrupt numerous targets simultaneously – and they aren’t using missiles but special beams for the very first time.

Revolutionary beam weapon

Israel has already become known for the efficiency of its missile shield, or a missile defense system, known as the Iron Dome, which has been shooting down countless missiles launched against from enemy territories by using interceptor missiles.

The new Scorpius systems, however, are equipped for fighting off ships, radar installations, drones, and all sorts of other threats on the ground, in the air, and on water, according to the announcement on Thursday by the Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), a defense contractor owned by the Israeli government.

The Scorpius defense works by sending strictly focused beams which then jam different enemy communication systems, including sensors, radars, navigation equipment as well as data communications.

On top of everything, according to the IAI company, the Scorpius systems are capable of covering giant areas and tackling numerous relevant targets all at the same time.

It doesn’t matter if the targets happen to be situated at varying distances compared with each other.

Critical for Israel

The head of the intelligence division of IAI, Adi Dulberg, stated that it had become critical for Israel to be able to defend the ability of its forces to use the electromagnetic domain while at the same time denying that ability to its enemies.

He added that the new technology used by the Scorpius systems has tipped the scale in favor of electronic warfare and its world-first breakthrough solutions.

The announcement makes it clear that there are four Scorpius systems versions, which can be deployed as vehicle-based and stationary, in order to detect and disrupt threats from the air and from the ground.

The naval version of Scorpius is designed to create a dome of electronic protection above the respective vessel that is carrying it.

A fourth version is Scorpius-T, which is designed for training.

Scorpius has been announced about a week after the launch by the Israeli military of a huge balloon in the northern part of the country, known as Sky Dew.

It is designed to boost Israel’s air defense through its radar, which can detect long-range missiles, cruise missiles, as well as drones.