Backed by Russian strongman Vladimir Putin, Belarusian dictator Alexander Lukashenko has just committed grave border aggression against US ally and NATO member Poland which could easily be considered a sufficient cause for declaring war.

Actual cause for war

As Lukashenko has flown in several thousand illegal immigrants from the Middle East to the Polish and EU border in order to use them as a weapon to punish the European Union for supporting the democratic opposition against him that he crushed last year, Poland took measures to blockade the migrants from entering its territory.

The Polish forces erected 120 miles of barbed wire fence to stop the illegals from entering.

However, on Friday night, the Belarusian troops destroyed the parts of the fence, and then used lights and lasers in order to blind the Polish troops who came to repair it.

To top it all off, the Belorussians actually armed the illegal immigrants with tear gas so they can attack the Polish troops when they invaded their country.

Under all historical cases, such an aggressive incursion would be a good enough reason for Poland to respond with a war against Belarus.

Poland is one of the staunchest US allies, and America is obliged to come to its aid under Article 5 of the NATO Treaty.

Belarus, on the other hand, is considered all but a part of Russia, as Moscow appears to have nearly direct control over the most staunching pro-communist part of the former Soviet Union, more so than even Russia itself.

The border aggression committed by Belarus against Poland happened near the town of Czeremcha, where at least several hundred illegal immigrants from the Middle East have crossed into Poland in the past few weeks.

The Daily Mail cites a Polish Border Force spokesman as saying that near Czeremcha, troops from Belarus started ripping up fence posts, and then used strobe lights and laser beams to blind the Polish forces who came up to fix the fence.

A group of about 100 migrants came through the opening and used tear gas against the Polish soldiers – the illegals told the Poles that it was given to them by the Belarusians precisely for that purpose.

Evil dictator

Against that backdrop, the vicious Belarusian dictator, a murderer of countless freedom-loving citizens of the country, Lukashenko declared on Saturday that he wasn’t to receive several divisions of Russian Iskander missiles, which are capable of carrying nuclear payloads and have a range of about 300 miles.

Would it be a sick, Commie post-communist, bloodthirsty dictator who would light up a major European war or even a global nuclear war?

This is the same kind of a disgusting dictator who is big on posturing but is at the same time s*** for his power and his life since 2020 when for the very first time hundreds of thousands of Belarusians – long deemed the most obedient of all post-communist nations – actually took to the streets to try to bring him down.

The West was supposed to always be ready for a final showdown with the forces of evil emanating from Moscow – since at least 1945.

That includes modern-day American Marxism which is nothing but an extremely nasty Soviet invention transplanted on American soil.

The only problem is that in the White House, we have a senile good-for-nothing Marxist stooge – that is the real danger for America and the entire West.