In the United States, those of us who are freedom-loving patriots defending democracy tend to focus on the horrendous disaster that Democrat President Joe “Empty Shelves” Biden caused to us with his apocalyptic withdrawal from Afghanistan – because the damage he’s done to us in out of this world.

However, half a world away, in Afghanistan, there are those who were abandoned to the terror of the Islamist Taliban wolves – including very young, innocent girls who actually had a future under the previous US-backed government.

The horror of the child brides

Under the Taliban terrorists, however, girls as young as 7 have been turned into nothing but child brides for satisfying the pedophilic desires of middle-aged Muslim men.

To top it all off, to facilitate this transfer of those child brides to their lawful rapist, the Taliban have of course pounding the Afghan economy into the ground – so that famine and abject poverty would set it, and for many families, the only thing left to do would be to sell their underage daughters as brides to be raped by pedophiles on a daily basis.

One such case is that of 7-year-old Zohra whose family lives in a hut in Ghor, a province in Northwest Afghanistan, as reported by The Daily Mail.

Zohra has five brothers and sisters, and the family is about to have dinner bread to be made out of their last bucket of flour.

Her 35-year-old father, Qadir, used to earn about $3 per day as a laborer but after Biden bestowed Afghanistan upon the Taliban, that work is no more.

He agreed on the deal to sell Zohra, his eldest daughter, two years ago, for about $2,000, to a 52-year-old unknown man.

That money has already been spent, mostly to pay a debt to the local food store, and on medical bills for one of his sons.

Qadir says he had to sell Zohra in order to keep all of his children alive.

He doesn’t know when the “groom” will come to pick up his child bride.

As she is growing older, Zohra has begun to increasingly understand her terrible situation, she cries all the time in fear.

The father himself states how she asks her mother why the family sold her, and that “her future is ruined”.

He reveals that he can’t sleep out of worry about how the unknown man will live with his underage daughter.

All-out famine and destitution

The report explains that even under the US-backed government, the economic situation of Afghanistan was dire, after 20 years of incessant war with the Islamist terrorists.

However, since Joe Biden decided to reward the Taliban for their persistence, the situation on the ground has become catastrophic for millions and millions of destitute families, the situation worsened further by drought and the pandemic.

The surrender to the Taliban meant that there was no foreign aid from the West anymore, and that actually made up 40% of Afghanistan’s GDP.

Half of Afghanistan’s population faces starvation, and only 5% of its families have enough food day-to-day, according to the UN.

With this horror unfolding, there will be a lot more 7-year-old child brides sold by their crushed parents.

So it is harder to decide which country has suffered a greater disaster – the US or Afghanistan – albeit for very different reasons, thanks to Sleepy Joe Biden “the Democrat President.”