Apparently, Russian President Vladimir Putin is firmly behind the anti-Western adventurism of his ally, Belarusian strongman Alexander Lukashenko, who flew in thousands of illegal immigrants from the Middle East, and has thrown them against the US-allied NATO and EU countries that his country borders.

How do we know that Putin firm backs his fellow post-communist dictator: because he has just officially denied it.

And if Western foreign policymakers dust-off some of the “How to Read the Soviet Russian Leaders” handbooks from the Cold War ear a mere 30 years ago – or maybe bring back from retirement some of their by now elderly colleagues who were in charge back then – they would know that such a high-level official denial from whoever is in charge in Moscow is nothing but an admission of active involvement.

‘We aren’t behind this’. And we just believed you!

Speaking in an interview with Russian state-owned TV Vesti, Putin stated that he wants “everyone to know” how “we have nothing to do” with the weaponization by Lukashenko of illegal immigrants from the Middle East.

Lukashenko has been scared since the summer of 2020 when unexpectedly hundreds of thousands of freedom-thirsty Belarusians took to the streets to try to bring him down – and the pro-democratic movement was naturally supported by the US and the EU.

Ever since then, he has been having nightmares – by the way, the same type of nightmares that Putin himself has been having since at least 2012, the last really huge anti-regime protests in Moscow – of ending up like former Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi who was beaten to death by an angry citizen mob in the streets after his regime collapsed in 2011.

Naturally, Lukashenko appears to have thought it a good idea to send a few thousand illegal immigrants the EU’s way as a warning that he can weaponize a lot more of those wretched ones if the Europeans keep supporting the freedom-seeking portions of Belarus’ brutally sterile pro-Soviet post-communist society.

With Belarus and Russia actually having an agreement that they are a “union-state”, a bizarre Commie-sounding setup, there is little doubt that the fate and the actions of the Belarusian regime are controlled by Moscow, respectively by Putin himself.

In his interview, Putin also declared that the leaders of the EU should talk to his subservient ally Lukashenko to resolve the crisis which was entirely the making of Lukashenko, with Moscow’s backing.

He added he understands that German Chancellor Angela Merkel is about to talk to Lukashenko.

Peddling old Soviet Commie anti-Western lies

In good old Soviet-style, Putin blamed the crisis on the West because of supposed Western policies in the Middle East.

He peddled lies that the crises in the Middle East are created by Western and European countries – never mind that those have been independent for 100 years, or never mind the massive Soviet and Russian anti-Western instigation there ever since.

In his interview, Putin also lambasted the US and NATO for carrying out military exercises in the Black Sea including both a powerful naval group and strategic aviation.

Never mind that at the same time, Russian and Belarusian forces are waging giant land-based drills in Belarus simulating attacks on Poland and the West.

Putin’s de facto admission that he is firmly backing Lukashenko’s anti-Western illegal immigrant warfare comes against the backdrop of active aggression by Belarusian troops on the Polish border in which they removed part of the Polish barbed wire fencing and then blinded the Polish soldiers who came to repair it.