A former top-ranked Chinese official who now serves as a mouthpiece for the regime of Communist China has issued the gravest warning so far against Australia in order to try to intimidate the staunch US ally from supporting America in a potential war against the Commies to defend the free and democratic island of Taiwan.

Speaking in an interview for an Australian TV show named “60 Minutes”, Victor Gao, who was the translator for legendary late leader of the People’s Republic of China, Deng Xiaoping, warned all Western powers to keep away from the plans of the Chinese leadership to annex Taiwan.

Trying to intimidate the Aussies

At present, Gao often expresses the unofficial policies and intentions of the regime of Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Xi has reiterated his plans to conquer Taiwan by 2027.

The island, whose official name is the Republic of China, and is a successor of the nationalist government of China which lost the civil war to Mao Zedong’s communists and fled to the island of Taiwan in 1949, is a close US ally.

Other American allies in the Indo-Pacific region, including Japan and Australia, have declared their intentions to defend Taiwan together with the United States if Communist China tries to take it by force.

Last month, Democrat President Sleepy Joe Biden declared that American troops will fight to defend Taiwan from China – not that anything that comes out of his senile mouth means much in real policy terms.

The interview by Victor Gao with his impudent warning for Australia to try to decouple it from the US came after on Friday, Australian Defense Minister Peter Dutton declared that is “inconceivable” for Australian forces not to support the United States in the event of a war with Communist China over Taiwan.


In his warmongering interview, Gao declared that those – meaning the democratic nations such as the US and its allies – who seek to “block unification” of China and Taiwan “will be doomed to fail”.

Not that Taiwan has any desire for “unification” with the Beijing Commies – such a scenario is the scariest prospect for the Taiwanese who have created a successful democracy and a vibrant market economy with a very high standard of living.

The Beijing Commies, of course, don’t want to know any of that with their vicious totalitarian communist minds.

They want conquest, power, wealth, and control over the rest of the world – starting with Taiwan.

Gao, the impudent Beijing diplomat mouthpiece, who is the vice president of a think-tank called Center for China and Globalization, made further threats by telling Australia that if it fights with the US against China, it will be up for “the worst thing you could dream of”.

He further said that a war between China and the US would “soon escalate out of control” and will translate into “Armageddon, Armageddon, and Armageddon.”

Gao added that Australia’s recent AUKUS alliance with the US and the UK means that it will now be a target for China’s nuclear weapons.

He said that Australians ought to realize that they have to treat China with the same respect as the United States.

Sure, on the one hand, there is the oldest democracy and the greatest most powerful country in the world, which has always stood up for freedom.

On the other hand, there is a vicious, dark totalitarian Communist dictatorship wishing to enslave the world.

Ah, those Aussies – why don’t they just listen to some Beijing comrade’s nonsense?!