Communist China appears to have what is known as a state terrorism regime, or a regime of a state enforcing terrorism upon its own people.

It’s a state of which American Marxists do seem to dream of because the Chinese Commie-Marxist-Maoists in power apparently can get away with all sorts of disgusting crimes with absolute impunity.

That is the conclusion from the case of Peng Shuai, a very popular 35-year-old Chinese tennis star, who has been missing from public view since November 2.

That was when she posted on social media a long account of how in 2011, Zhang Gaoli, today 75, a former vice-premier in Beijing and a very senior Chinese Communist Party apparatchik, forced her to have sex with him.

Raped by a top Communist

In her post on Weibo, the “Chinese Facebook”, Peng said Zhang, who is married forced himself on her, and she eventually relented.

In 2018, Zhang rekindled the affair as he retired from politics.

In her post, Peng admitted that she doesn’t have any evidence of the affair.

It remains unknown why the Chinese female tennis start decided to reveal the forcible affair with the repugnant old Commie apparatchik.

Zhang is very powerful as he served as one of the seven members of the standing committee of the Chinese Communist Party’s political bureau.

Back in 2014, Peng became the first Chinese female player ranked as No.1 in doubles by the WTA (Women’s Tennis Association).

At present, she is ranked 14th in the global standings.

The post with her revelation was taken down from Weibo within 20 minutes as the Chinese social media is heavily censored by the communist regime.

Her profile disappeared for a while but then reappeared with the revelation gone, and all comments on all of her posts disabled.

The censors also forbade all users of Weibo to post anything on either Peng or Zhang.

Even searches for “tennis” were disabled from Chinese websites for a certain period of time.

Chinese women’s rights activist Lv Pin tweeted that Peng’s case has lifted the curtain on how “rotten and decadent” the Chinese Communist Party is as its nasty Commie apparatchiks have always been “exploiting women”.

‘Everything is fine’ in a fake email

To make the whole case even more shocking and outrageous, as Peng Shuai has disappeared – apparently courtesy of the regime, state media have published an email in English which is claimed to be from her.

The email is addressed to the WTA, as its head, Steve Simon said nobody has heard from her since November 2.

The seemingly fake Communist regime email reads that Pen isn’t missing or unsafe, that she’s been “resting at home,” and that “everything is fine.”

Simon himself declared he cannot believe that Peng is the one who wrote the email, and that its publication by Chinese state media only causes him to be more worried about the tennis star’s safety.

And evidently – deservedly so.