It’s not that the former Soviet Union had very high morals – but at least the hardcore, old-school Stalinist Commies had the decency of going after public indecency – and the communist Soviet population itself was a lot less open with respect to public nudity.

No so in nominally post-Communist Russia, which is still pro-Communist but there is a privately run oligarchy that’s sucking up the state’s resources.

Various sections of public life in Russia have been turned into one big orgy – at least if they concern filthy rich oligarchs, government bureaucrats, or apparatchiks from Vladimir Putin’s ruling political party.

At the same time, however, the Russian authorities tend to enforce some sort of “morality” policing with respect to the general populace.

Church butt flashing

This seems to be the case in a somewhat hilarious occurrence in which a completely unknown Russian model on the sex chat platform OnlyFans has posted online a photo flashing her bare buttocks in front of a church.

The OnlyFans model in question is named Natalia Maslennikova but is known online by the nickname Trikotasha.

She bared her butt by lifting her skirt before the Church of Transfiguration in Kaluga, a city of about 200,000 people located southwest of Moscow.

Trikotasha’s photos were likely taken last July.

They have attracted public attention just now since a blogger, Vladislav Pozdnyakov, known as anti-feminist and “ultra-right-wing”, according to RT, exposed them in a post.

There were three pictures of Maslennikova’s butt in front of a church but they have been deleted, and so have been her profiles on TikTok, Instagram, and VKontakte, the Russian equivalent of Facebook.

The local police in Kaluga is investigating the butt-baring incident, while Dmitry Denisov, the city mayor, condemned the OnlyFans model.

He is quoted as saying that “there is definitely something wrong” with the minds of souls of girls who take indecent photos in front of churches.

Denisov declared his wish that such girls “become caring mothers” and “loving wives” because that seems to be lacking in their lives.

Sergey Komarov, who is in charge of the church department for information activities, said the church itself would not complain to the police but that the young woman in question needs to be “treated”.

A bunch of other cases

Russia has recently seen other similar cases.

Earlier this month, Ksenia Damova, a porn actress, was sentenced to 14 days in prison for “disorderly conduct” after she took photos with her bare butt in front of the Kremlin in Moscow and posted them online.

Prior to that, a Tajik blogger, Ruslan Bobiev (Ruslani Murojonzod) and Asya Akimova (Anastasia Chistova), his Russian girlfriend, were sentenced to 10 months in prison for simulating oral sex before St. Basil’s Cathedral, also at the Kremlin in Moscow.

They were sentenced for “insulting believers’ religious feelings”.

Another OnlyFans star from Russia, Lola Bunny (Lolita Bogdanova), is being investigated for the same crime after flashing her breasts on camera.