The JW Marriot International has been a big fan of China and its lovely dictator Xi Jinping for a couple of years now, showing their endless love by firing an employee who did nothing but like a pro-Tibetan tweet, and even praising the „awe-inspiring” way the CCP dealt with the pandemic the left won’t let you say the CCP themselves caused.

While Xi probably would have gone with more of a concentration camp method of punishment for the employee, sadly, the Marriot is forced to abide at least by some rules while also worshipping China’s genocidal administration.

Their latest display of affection was refusing to hold the World Uyghur Congress when pressed on it by the organizer, Zumretay Arkin, who finally sent a representative to the Marriott in Prague, Czech Republic.

Much to his dismay, the hotel kindly refused his proposition, stating that they will not be offering the premises due to the corporate offices’ decision that the events of such political themes would ruin the political neutrality the hotel tries to uphold.

The Chinese Embassy in Prague went as far as naming the organization hosting the event a terroristic one for „causing civil unrest in Xinjiang” previously, despite there being no sign of the group promoting violence or having links to international terroristic agencies.

„Chinese concentration camps are fine and looting and violent protests are also fine“

When contacting the Marriot’s corporate offices in Washington, it turned out that the Prague hotel must have meant their local management, as hosting the conference itself wouldn’t be in violation of any sort of „political neutrality”.

Sadly, anyone invested in the Marriot’s social media accounts will note the hypocrisy in their statements due to their vocal support of an actual terroristic organization on US soil, that being the BLM movement, whose actions were wholly supported by the hotel on social media accounts on numerous occasions.

Quite a non-neutral stance to be taking, especially considering the sheer size of the BLM protests and the media impact they had, but the Marriot seems to be more in favor of keeping the radical left off their backs, even if it means taking a stand for something they probably don’t believe in.

The same can be applied to their unnatural support of the Chinese government’s atrocious acts, as few would risk making an enemy of a nation that currently poses a risk to the entirety of the US, let alone an international hotel franchise.