A Chinese activist, using the pseudonym Guan Guan, recently released videos depicting horrendous sights of massive fenced plots of land that serve as concentration camps for China’s minorities and those who resist the communist party’s rule.

Guan, doing his best to pose as a tourist, seems to have affixed the camera to his backpack as he traveled the communist country’s outback region in hope of shedding light on the inhuman acts China is committing.

Despite knowing that he would most likely be placed in a similar camp should he be caught, the brave young man pressed on and showed the world the real inside of the iron walls of Xi Jinping’s Dictatorship.

Guan visited 8 cities, showing 18 different concentration camps, including a huge one with a 1000 yard long fence, „decorated” with slogans eerily similar to the nazi regime’s „Arbeit Macht Frei” agenda that was on their own concentration camps.

Many of these camps were unmarked on maps, but become very evident once the guard towers and barbed wire come into sight, with some even resembling small cities due to their size and army buildings inside.

Hell on earth

He stated that Xi Jinping has turned his country into the world’s largest gulag, with an economy thriving from forced labor, detention camps, and a regime that relies mainly on terror.

Numerous surveillance cameras are placed around the road leading up to these camps and Guan claims that he had never felt more scared for his life before.

He shows guards patrolling one of the camps as he hides on a nearby hill, mockingly calling them „SS soldiers” in reference to Germany’s Nazi regime soldiers that committed similar atrocities to minorities.

Hundreds more of these concentration camps riddle China’s remote landscape, with all of them serving one purpose, that being to crush the freedom and tradition of china’s Uyghur people, all the while selling the fruits of their forced labor at the global market.

Thousands of children get sent off to orphanages as their parents are taken away to re-education centers, all under Xi Jinping’s claims that these actions are a response to terrorist threats.

Sadly, the world doesn’t seem to care about these people, leaving their cries unheard by many, as Joe Biden and many other „progressives” push their own agendas but turn a blind eye to the suffering these marginalized people of China go through every day.

With dissidents releasing reports of systematic sexual abuse, rape, daily beatings, and sterilization of women, China seems to have succeeded in creating Hell on earth, with no one powerful enough willing to stop it.