Last Saturday marked the 2nd night of Europe’s massive wave of anti lockdown protests in wake of the union’s newly imposed rules demanding vaccine confirmations or a negative test for any institution or activity that involves face-to-face interaction.

This means that so much as entering a cafe, or a workplace was exclusive only to those who were vaccinated, or willing to pay copious amounts of money every week to provide a negative test instead.

This naturally, didn’t sit right with the fiery European crowd, with protests starting in Austria’s capital Vienna, where 10,000 people took to the streets demanding that their basic human rights be respected.

Although the protests were extremely violent, causing hundreds of thousands of euros in damage, which is something no one should stand for, a proper message has to be delivered somehow.

Other European countries followed in Austria’s footsteps, with massive protests, some of which were peaceful in nature, broke out in Switzerland, Croatia, Italy, Northern Ireland, and many more, there being a common pattern of numerous protesters wearing doctor’s scrubs as a way to mock the medical institution that imposed the rules.

The restrictive measures come as the WHO declared that Covid 19 is spreading rapidly in Europe, but the numbers don’t add up with the figures from the UK’s health security agency presenting the idea that the vaccinated folk are much more likely to get re-infected and in turn hospitalized, with an even greater fatality rate than the unvaccinated crowd

America’s must keep Europe’s covid passport regime out

During the protests, many of the ones causing violence were arrested, and rightfully so, given that even police officers were attacked, with one report showing that a rock was thrown through the window of an ambulance car carrying a patient in critical condition.

A certain etiquette must be followed regarding protesting, and the police officers are simply carrying out their jobs, so injuries must be found as commonplace, as violence should always be met with a violent response.

These oppressive covid measures might sneak their way into the US and those affected by them should definitely be on the lookout as New York’s mayor Bill De Blasio has already shown signs of this behavior with his service worker vaccine mandate that forced dozens of thousands of people out of their jobs.

Currently, some European governments are trying to pass laws that would completely eliminate even the possibility of presenting a negative test, alienating the crowd that exercises its right to remain unvaccinated.

Covid passports continue to be a massive point of discussion among Europe’s conservatives and they might just become the next big issue America has to face should this trend decide to cross the Atlantic.