President Biden signed Covid-19 regulations

Yesterday, President Joe Biden announced a new set of rules about the Covid-19 crisis that should ensure progress for the US in the near future.... Read More

Biden Wants To Vaccinate 1 Million Americans A Day. Uh, U.S. Inoculated 912,497 Last Week.

The liberal media has spent the last four years criticizing former President Donald Trump for nearly everything, and this has not stopped since President Joe... Read More

Biden avoids wearing a mask in public despite his universal mask mandate

It did not take newly elected President Joe Biden long to breach one of the orders he enacted. On Wednesday, Biden was seen taking part... Read More

Biden Taps Transgender Health Official With Horrifying COVID-19 Nursing Home Record

Conservatives have long ridiculed identity politics, and the fact that it reduces everyone to nothing but a set of identity categories, as a joke. But... Read More

California stops distribution of Moderna vaccine amid allergic reaction fears

The Moderna vaccine, which originates from the United States, has been ordered to cancel and stop any doses that are due to be administered in... Read More

CDC Investigating Case of Doctor Who Died After Receiving COVID Vaccine

Dr. Gregory Michael, an apparently healthy 56-year-old obstetrician from Florida, died shortly after receiving Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine. The CDC says that it is now investigating... Read More

Exclusive: The World's First FDA-Approved COVID-19 Test Now Available on Amazon

As cases surge across America, Covid-19 tests are in high demand. Most Americans have had to wait in long lines at medical centers and drive-through... Read More

Women accused of beating her Covid-19 positive children arrested

Sarah Michelle Boone, an Arizona resident, was arrested earlier today for beating her Covid positive kids. She assaulted her kids because they were not wearing... Read More

Wisconsin Hospital Employee Intentionally Sabotaged 500 Doses of COVID Vaccine

COVID-19 Vaccine Spoils While it was initially believed to an accident, it has now come to light that a hospital employee in Wisconsin intentionally destroyed... Read More

L.A. Sheriffs Detain 900 for Heinous Crime of NYE Partying

Another day, another display of absurd and gratuitous sadism from government officials. Sheriffs in L.A. County and their superiors have apparently decided that the millstone... Read More

California Democrat Asks Newsom To Bring U.S. Navy Hospital Ship Back To Port Of L.A. To Relieve SEIU Workers

Democratic Leader Urges Newsom to Take Action A Democratic leader on the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors is urging California Governor Gavin Newsom to... Read More

Army Engineers Mobilized to Help 6 L.A. County Hospitals

On Friday, the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services proclaimed that U.S. Army Corps of Engineers experts are being mobilized to help six hospitals in... Read More

The Lies by Fauci, Birx, Redfield and Others Come Home to Roost as at-Risk Healthcare Workers Refuse the Wuhan Vaccine

It may seem like an obvious thing to say, but to win the trust of the public, you must behave and speak in a trustworthy... Read More

Employee Left Hundreds Of Vaccine Doses That Spoiled Out `Intentionally,' Says Wisconsin Health System

A pharmacist at a clinic in Grafton, Wisconsin, appears to have deliberately removed 57 vials of Moderna’s new COVID-19 vaccine from refrigeration, causing the vials... Read More

Pope Francis Urges Authorities To Dispense COVID-19 Vaccine To Vulnerable, Needy First

Pope Francis Calls for Vaccine Prioritization to the Vulnerable Populations The annual Christmas address by Pope Francis understandably focused on the ongoing COVID-19 global pandemic.... Read More

‘Elite’ Californians Are Making Major Hospital ‘Donations’ To Jump The Line For COVID Vaccinations

California’s Elite Offering Donations to Cut in Line for COVID Vaccine Doctors for California’s wealthy citizens do not often tell their patients no, but that... Read More

China Sentences Citizen Journalist Who Reported On COVID From Wuhan

Citizen Journalist Punished for Criticizing China A 37-year-old Chinese citizen journalist named Zhang Zhan has just been sentenced to four years in prison for reporting... Read More

President Trump has Invoked the `Impoundment Control Act of 1974' While Signing COVID Relief Bill...Allowing Him to Redline Areas That Must Be Addressed

As is well known, President Trump was so deeply dissatisfied with Congress’ $2.3 trillion COVID relief bill that he threatened to veto it. But now,... Read More

Doctor Reportedly Suffers Severe Reaction Moments After Receiving Moderna COVID Vaccine

Boston Medical Center’s own Dr. Hossein Sadrzadeh experienced the first known allergic reaction to Moderna’s COVID vaccine on Wednesday—and it was a doozy. Shortly after... Read More

U.K. Lockdowns Could Go On Until Easter According To Scientist

U.K. Locks Down Hard and Might Stay That Way Until Easter A new coronavirus mutation that has recently emerged in the U.K. has sent the... Read More

‘Covid passports’ - A good solution for reviving global tourism?

The tourism industry is one of the most affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Most flights are still grounded, which makes it almost impossible to travel,... Read More

Chances of COVID Relief Bill Grow Bleaker With Dems' Demand

Chances of an economic stimulus/recovery bill appeared to grow bleaker Thursday with reports of Democratic congressional leaders reiterating their demand for at least a $2... Read More