Some medical experts criticized new CDC summer camp guidelines as too strict

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TSA extends Covid mask mandate on all public transport until at least September

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Calgary Court Issues Warrant Permitting Police ‘To Do Anything Necessary’ To Enter Pastor’s Church, Arrest Him

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University is set to change Covid policy to allow students to pass, even if they missed deadlines

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Former FDA Commissioner Gottlieb calls for US to ‘lean more aggressively forward’ as cases continue to fall

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California universities to implement mandatory vaccination programs!

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500 federally funded scientists received support from China in exchange for American intellectual property!

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Pres. Biden signs memo banning terms such as `Wuhan Virus' and `China Virus' in federal agencies

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Fauci Makes Prediction On Fate Of Johnson & Johnson Vaccine

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A Stanford study published by NCBI suggests that the mask mandate doesn't decrease COVID19 transmission

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Vaccine doubts and selective outrage, who's really to blame?

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Michigan is turning to anti-Covid drug praised by President Trump 6 months ago!

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CDC, FDA Call To Immediately Pause Johnson & Johnson COVID Vaccine Over Rare Blood Clotting Concerns

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Scientists From Oxford, Harvard, and Princeton Talked COVID With DeSantis. YouTube Deleted It

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Michigan Democratic Governor Urges High Schools And Youth Sports To Voluntarily Suspend In-Person Activities

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FBI Warns Americans Who Use Fake Vaccine Passports `May Be Breaking The Law'

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CNN's “COVID War” Special Was a Scripted Fauci and Birx Reality Show

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How Trump's policy enabled fast vaccine development? Former Trump advisor provides details

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Florida Governor dismisses any idea of COVID-19 passports!

During his Monday press conference, Republican Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis issued a statement in which he opposed any version of the idea of COVID-19... Read More

Biden Admin Working to Launch “Vaccine Passports” so Americans Can Prove They've Been Inoculated, Return to Normalcy

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Who is Neanderthal now? Texas Covid numbers might answer!

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Texas Covid Numbers Fall For 17th Day To More All-Time Lows Since 100% Reopening

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A rehabilitation program in Philadelphia may spare many 2020 rioters from charge

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Countless Schools Across the Country Close Due to New `Vaccine' Side Effects As Fauci Readies 3rd Shot

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Several U.S. schools temporarily close due to COVID-19 vaccine side effects among the staff

Some schools across the U.S. temporarily suspended their classroom activities. The closures reportedly came as a result of side effects teachers experienced following their inoculation... Read More

America-Last Biden Awards $68 Million Contract To House Foreign Invaders.While US Border Agent Admits COVID Protocol Is Ignored In Overflowing Detention Facilities

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Hormone-altering chemicals pose threat to human race!

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DeSantis Says Florida Won't Require COVID-19 Vaccine Passports

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President Biden bribes Mexico President with vaccines for additional border security!

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Biden admits responsibility for the surge of COVID19 cases and illegal immigrants by trading vaccines with Mexico!

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Mom Who Refused to Wear a Mask Has 6-Year-Old Daughter Taken Away by Judge

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Video: Reporter Calls Out Biden for Outrageous Policy of Releasing Covid-Positive Illegals Into the US

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Should countries prioritize the vaccination of their citizens?

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Marjorie Taylor Greene Attempts To Stop “COVID Relief” (Blue State Bailout) Bill From Passing House. 40 Cowardly Republicans Refuse To Join Her

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Donald Trump Expertly Trolls Biden, Media Critics With Statement on Coronavirus Vaccine

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Senator Paul encourages Americans to disobey CDC guidelines for vaccinated people

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Maskless Mississippi students hit the town for their first night of freedom!

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Europe staggers as infectious variants power virus surge

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Canada Post stops deliver to Toronto neighborhoods where people walked without masks

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